Equal Payment Plan


Do you want to more control over your energy budget?

Superior offers an Equal Payment Plan so your propane payments – including the cost of fuel, storage tanks and equipment rental – can be spread out over 12 months.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple. Your usage is estimated for the year and then split evenly through 12 months. As most propane is used during the three coldest winter months, the equal payment plan eliminates higher bills during these months.

What If I Use More or Less Propane During the Year?

Your equal monthly billing amount is estimated based on your forecasted usage. On the anniversary of the Equal Payment Plan, your account will be adjusted to reflect the difference between the total amount of the monthly installments paid over the course of the plan and the charges for propane actually used during the year.

Your account is monitored throughout the year to ensure your usage reflects the forecasted amount. If you have a large credit or debit balance during the year your monthly amount may be changed.