Why Choose Propane For Mining

Lower Energy Costs:

Rising diesel costs have made propane-powered heaters and generators a top choice for dependable, clean,cost-effective power.


Propane doesn’t spill, eliminating the risk of contamination to air, soil, surface water and groundwater, while still providing the performance you need.

Lower Emissions:

Propane has lower carbon content than gasoline or diesel, reducing your emissions and environmental impact.

High Performance:

Using propane for heating applications and power generation gives you premier engine performance in all climates, while also requiring less maintenance and downtime.

The Better Choice: Propane vs. Diesel

 Lower fuel costs

 Reduced CO2 emissions

 No risk of spills or contamination

 No expiry of shelf life

 Burns clean for less wear and tear on equipment

 Longer service intervals and reduced maintenance costs

 Readily available across Canada

 Equal engine performance to diesel

 Fewer service interruptions means more uptime

 Higher fuel costs

Concern meeting emissions regulations

 Risk of spills and costly remediation

 Long-term storage contamination issues

 Hard particulates cause equipment damage

 Higher maintenance requirements

 Higher delivery costs

See the numbers for yourself. Find out how much your business can save with propane.
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Propane provides solutions for all stages of your mining operation

Off-grid power generation and back-up power from Superior increases productivity and uptime. Propane provides lower overall fuel costs, reliable and robust power, and greater efficiency while reducing emissions.
When it comes to heating a mine or keeping the camp warm and fueled for cooking, propane is the answer. Our mining experts work directly with you to create custom plan that ensures work efficiency and comfort.

Superior Mining Partnership

Partner with Canada’s largest supplier for the Canadian mining industry


We have the largest secured delivery network in Canada, delivering propane to the most remote locations.


We customize systems to meet your mine’s demands by taking into consideration everything from altitude to supply to equipment requirements and more. We have over 65 years of experience with large complex projects from exploration through to reclamation.


We are the only national propane and services provider in Canada with a fully integrated health, safety and environment program. That means our employees are thoroughly trained and audited, ensuring high standards of safety and environmental practices.

Case Study: Cameco

When it comes to mining, running short on propane is not an option. Cameco was faced with a problem: they needed the most efficient deliveries possible to four remote mine locations in northern Saskatchewan. We built a customized solution to optimize logistics. Find out how we did it.

Case Study: Goldcorp

Goldcorp faced an ill-timed road closure and a shortage of propane. Superior Propane was not going to let that stand in the way of a constant fuel supply. Find out how we worked together to ensure a halt to the mine’s operations never happened.

Case Study: Capstone

When the only access is an ice bridge, propane supply becomes a delicate operation. Our team was able to provide storage solutions and a steady propane supply to Capstone’s Minto mine. Find out how we overcame the challenge by partnering with Capstone.

The Superior Difference

We make it easy and stress free for you to manage your supply. Our innovative business tools like mySUPERIOR.ca and SMART* Tank™ wireless monitoring system offer all the convenience and control of managing and forecasting your fuel needs anywhere, anytime.
We’ve been fueling businesses of all sizes across Canada since 1951. We are the propane experts. We provide solutions to simple or complex projects with a focus on safety and compliance. Let us plan your next project and fuel your growth.
With Superior Propane, there is no downtime. We promise secure propane supply and an unmatched delivery network to provide propane whenever, wherever. Trust Superior to keep your business, site or fleet running smoothly and trouble-free.


mySUPERIOR™ puts your propane account at your fingertips. It’s available to all customers who value the ease and convenience of managing their account online. At mySUPERIOR.ca, you can schedule a delivery, view SMART* Tank™ levels, make payments and more.
Managing your propane has never been easier. Our remote tank monitoring technology called SMART* Tank™ ensures you always have the fuel you need. SMART* Tank™ detects when it’s almost time for a fill and notifies Superior Propane to automatically schedule the delivery. You will also receive text or email notifications with up-to-date propane levels and can view readings, delivery details, and historic usage online at mySUPERIOR.ca.

Reliable Propane Business Solutions

Increase your fuel savings while reducing your carbon footprint with Superior Propane power solutions.
Reduce your van, bus, car and service vehicle fleet fuel costs with Superior Autogas.
Lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint with Superior Propane heating solutions.

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