Convenient Auto Propane Fueling Stations for Your Commercial Fleet

Propane has the largest refueling infrastructure of any alternative fuel in Canada, making it an ideal choice for propane cars, trucks and any commercial propane vehicles. You can find a Superior Propane dispenser virtually anywhere in the country—and our network is always growing. Refueling with propane has never been easier or more convenient. 
Propane cardlock systems allow you to fill up at gas stations that have a cardlock dispenser. Superior Propane cardlock cardholders can fill vehicles at their own convenience at any of our locations. Cardholders also enjoy the benefits of tracking fuel consumption and expenses with their online account at
For even more refueling options, retail propane dispensers are also available at select gas stations across Canada so you can fill up your propane car at public fueling stations, just like you would with gas and diesel.
Find a cardlock ( Cardlock Icon ) or retail ( Retail Icon ) propane station in your province: 


Commercial propane vehicles offer a multitude of advantages for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining efficiency and performance. These vehicles, powered by propane, provide significant cost savings over traditional gasoline or diesel vehicles. They also produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly choice. With Superior Propane, businesses can easily refuel their fleet of commercial propane vehicles at any of our conveniently located auto propane fueling stations across Canada.

Lower Costs 

With propane autogas, you will experience immediate and long-term cost savings. Propane is typically up to 40% less expensive than gasoline or diesel.  These fuel savings quickly make up for the initial cost of conversion, within as little as 24 months payback. Because propane burns cleaner, you can prolong the lifespan of your fleet and substantially reduce maintenance costs.

Lower Emissions

The numbers speak for themselves: propane is the an environmentally friendly alternative fuel. Compared to gasoline, propane has fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Nitrogen Oxide (NO) emissions. Compared to diesel, propane produces 98% less particulate matter and up to 15% less GHG emissions. The environmental risks are virtually eliminated as propane will dissipate into the air and will not impact water, air or soil.

High Performance

While the cost savings and environmental benefits of propane are significant, performance should never be sacrificed. Propane delivers the same engine performance as gasoline in terms of vehicle power, torque, range and acceleration. And compared to compressed natural gas-powered vehicles, propane offers nearly double the energy efficiency.  Also, when winter hits, propane provides superior cold weather performance compared with diesel engines.

Reduced Downtime

Less maintenance means less downtime. Auto propane provides reliable performance without the additional maintenance, time and expenses demanded by diesel. Diesel technology requires diesel emissions fluid (DEF) to purchase, store and add — plus additional particulate filters.

Flexible Infrastructure

Choose an affordable, scalable, private network or leverage public and private refueling stations. As your business grows, move from a basic dispenser to a convenient cardlock system. Not only is the infrastructure scalable it can also cost less than other auto fuels.

Superior Safety

Fuelling with auto propane is as safe and simple as filling up with gasoline or diesel. And automotive propane tanks are 20x more puncture-resistant than gasoline tanks. In the event of an accident, auto propane tanks keep commuters safer with less risk of rupturing than gasoline tanks.