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Tired of Rising Electricity Costs? Switch to Propane Heating with Superior Propane

If you’re off the natural gas grid and using electricity to heat your home or water, Superior Propane is the cost-effective and reliable alternative for heating your home and water.


  • Electric baseboard heaters can make your home dryer during the coldest months of the year
  • Because they are installed on the wall, they are more obtrusive than propane options
  • Baseboard heaters don't provide any air circulation
  • The cost of electricity can make baseboard heaters expensive to operate


  • Like electric baseboard heating, electric furnaces produce dry heat
  • They can be more expensive to operate due to the high cost of electricity


  • Similar to electric baseboard and furnaces, electric heat pumps can produce dry heat
  • Ground source heat pumps are expensive to install
  • Electric heat pumps become less effective when the weather outside gets very cold requiring backup heat sources
  • Mini-split systems only provide comfort in a few rooms, not your entire home


Find out how much you can save by switching to propane.

considerations for electric heating:

High Energy Costs:

Electric heating systems, while common, can lead to higher energy bills, especially in colder climates. They often require more energy to produce the same level of warmth as propane systems, leading to increased costs during peak winter months. Additionally, electric heaters may not provide consistent heat distribution, resulting in unevenly heated spaces.

Inconsistent heat:

Electric heating systems often struggle with maintaining a consistent level of warmth throughout your home due to various factors. One of the primary issues is their reliance on convection currents to distribute heat. This can lead to certain areas of your home being warmer than others, resulting in discomfort and temperature imbalances. Additionally, electric heaters typically have a slower response time compared to propane systems, which means they may take longer to heat up and reach the desired temperature, especially in colder weather. In larger spaces or homes with poor insulation, electric heating may struggle to maintain consistent warmth, leading to the development of cold spots. Unlike propane systems, electric heaters often lack the ability to provide radiant heat, which warms objects and surfaces directly, contributing to a less cozy and efficient heating experience.


Environmental Impact:

Electric heating systems often rely on electricity generated from fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas. This reliance contributes to carbon emissions and air pollution, which harm the environment and pose health risks to humans. In addition to emissions, the extraction and transportation of fossil fuels for electricity generation have adverse environmental effects. This indirect impact of electric heating increases the demand for fossil fuel-based power generation, further exacerbating environmental concerns. In contrast, propane heating offers a cleaner-burning alternative with lower greenhouse gas emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice to reduce your carbon footprint and minimize environmental impact.


Dependency on Power Grid:

Electric heating systems are heavily reliant on a functioning power grid. During power outages, these systems cease to provide heat, which can be a significant concern, especially in areas prone to outages or during severe weather conditions. This vulnerability can lead to discomfort and inconvenience when you need heat the most. In contrast, propane heating systems offer a reliable heat source that doesn't depend on the power grid, ensuring consistent warmth even during outages, providing added peace of mind.

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Why Propane?

It’s Safe. 

Propane is non-toxic, easy to store and safely transported across Canada every day.

It’s Always There. 

No need to worry about peak hours or outages. Propane can be used any time of day. 

It’s Predictable.

Our fixed price and equal payment plans let you set  predictable monthly costs that work for your budget and protect you from seasonal price fluctuations.

It’s Economical. 

High-efficiency propane appliances allow homeowners to lower energy bills.

It’s Versatile. 

Propane can efficiently power furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, appliances, backup generators and more. 


Take a Tour of a Propane Home

With propane, you can enjoy everyday living - cooking with even heat, cozying up by the fireplace,   starting your day with an instantly warm shower, and more. It’s the versatile fuel for whole home comfort. Take a tour and see all the possibilities of life with propane.

You can’t do better than a high-efficiency propane furnace, even on the coldest winter days. Its warm, comfortable heat can’t be matched by other kinds of heating systems. Learn More
High efficiency propane boilers offer efficiency, space savings, and the versatility to provide heating and hot water, while providing savings over oil and electric boilers. Learn More
Practical, convenient, energy-efficient and modern, propane fireplaces add comfort and value to any home at an affordable price. Learn More
Propane-powered cooktops and ovens deliver instant, even heat, and responsive control, and because of their excellent performance, are preferred by professional chefs. Learn More
Be prepared for power outages with a propane standby generator. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane won’t degrade over time, so when the power goes out, you can depend on your generator starting. Learn More
A propane storage water heater delivers the same amount of hot water as a much larger electric tank, and can save significant annual energy costs. Tankless water heaters provide the additional benefit of heating water on demand, so you never run out of hot water. Learn More
Your SMART* Tank™ detects when it’s almost time for a fill and notifies us. We’ll automatically schedule a delivery and send you a notification when your tank has been filled. It’s that easy. Learn More
Quiet, clean, economical, and portable, propane-powered space heaters are a compact solution offering maximum comfort. Learn More
Propane pool and spa heaters warm pools faster, with lower energy costs compared with electric models. Learn More
Instant on-off, and easy to control, you can count on consistent results with propane-powered grills. They’re also completely portable, so you can grill whenever, wherever! Learn More
High-efficiency propane dryers dry clothes faster and relax wrinkles better than electric models, all while saving as much as 20% on annual energy costs. Learn More
Worried about the spread of dust, pollen and germs? Hate stepping on icy floors? A propane-powered radiant floor heating system is a comfortable, energy-efficient alternative to forced air. Learn More
Real flame lighting creates an unforgettable look in lamp posts or patio torches, adding beauty and value to your home. Learn More
Extend the enjoyment of your patio with propane heater. Patio heaters are available from tabletop size up to standing models, and can safely raise the temperature by up to 30 degrees in a 20-foot radius. Learn More

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We’ve been fueling homes and businesses across Canada since 1951. Our team of experts understands propane and how it can satisfy your needs.  You can count on our decades of experience. Take comfort knowing you’re in good hands.


You can always depend on us. Enjoy the comforts of a warm, energy-efficient home, knowing Superior Propane will make sure you have propane when you need it. Our drivers and technicians keep Canadian homes and businesses warm in more than 10,000 communities, coast to coast.

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Switching to propane is easier than you think. Contact us today and we’ll help you switch.
Woman calling Superior Propane to switch from oil to propane for home heating.

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Complete the form and we will contact you shortly with the pricing, installation or service information you need.


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