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A propane-fueled backup generator protects you when the power goes out. It gives you all the power of gasoline or diesel, with less emissions, less maintenance, and no risk of a spill. Whether you need a portable or permanent solution, propane offers the right backup power generation system.

Person placing a plug into a portable propane generator.

Portable Generators

Keep the most important items running in a power outage. Characteristics of a portable propane generator:
  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Portable and can be hooked up at the time of a power interruption
  • Can deliver power to your electrical panel by installing a manual transfer switch
  • Uses portable propane cylinders
Propane-powered standby generator next to the exterior of a building.

Standby Generators

Power your entire home or only the essentials with a propane generator. Characteristics of a standby propane generator:
  • More expensive to purchase and install
  • Permanently installed outside
  • Wired directly to your electrical system with automatic operation
  • Uses your home’s existing bulk propane tank or a separate bulk propane tank

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Only the Best for Our Customers:
We’ve formed partnerships with the most trusted Heating and Cooling installers across Canada. Our partners are selected, trained, and certified to deliver service to the highest standards for any and all propane generator services. Between these Certified Partners and our expert in-house technicians, our team takes care of everything from installation to repair.
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