Propane is a very versatile, efficient and cost-effective fuel that can be used for multiple applications in your home. From home heat to powering appliances and providing energy to your entire home, propane can do it all. So what tank size is the most ideal one for your needs? Let’s explore different tank sizes and the most common uses.

propane tank

Propane, also known as liquified petroleum gas (LP gas or LPG) is a very efficient and reliable fuel that can be transported and stored in its liquid form. This highly efficient fuel is stored inside propane tanks or cylinders for homes and businesses. But which is which and what tank size is the most ideal for your energy needs?

The size of your propane tank will depend on a few factors such as the size of your home, the number of household occupants and how many appliances use propane to name a few. Your location can also play a role when selecting the right propane tank size. If you’re located in a region of Canada that experiences colder climates and more extreme temperatures, you might need a larger tank than those in locations with milder weather.

Propane tank sizes are usually referred to by the volume of liquid they hold. It's also important to note that LPG tanks are filled to a maximum of 80% of their capacity to allow for the natural expansion of liquid propane that occurs with a change in temperature. Therefore, a 500-gallon tank will typically hold approximately 400 gallons or 1,500 litres of liquid propane.

Check the following guide for the most common tank sizes and their uses so you can have a better idea about the tank size that suits your energy needs. Keep in mind, once you become a Superior Propane customer, one of our licensed technicians will perform an assessment of your property and energy needs, and recommend the most ideal tank size to satisfy them. 

Learn more about the most common LP tank sizes used to store propane for homes and small and medium sized businesses below. Click here to learn about larger tanks for industrial applications.

420 lbs. propane cylinder

Propane Cylinders:

Also known as vertical propane tanks, these types of tanks are a great choice when there are space concerns, as these tanks occupy very little surface space and can be placed directly against property walls and other space-limited areas. 

420 lb. cylinder: 

With a capacity of up to 372 L or 123 gallons of propane per cylinder and our smallest permanently installed tank option, these cylinders are a go-to choice for properties with spatial limitations, especially recommended when larger tanks are not feasible due to space constraints. 

To compare, this size is similar in shape but significantly larger than a barbecue tank, which typically takes up to 20 lbs. of propane. Tall and round, it offers the flexibility of connecting together with up to three additional cylinders if you need more fuel but don't have the space for a larger tank. It's a real space saver and can be installed right against a building wall. Learn more about 420 lb. propane cylinders.

Most common uses of 420 lb. propane cylinders:

420 lb. cylinders are often manifolded together, up to four in total, with the most typical amount being two or three cylinders. When two or less are used, these cylinders can be used to power back up generators, heat specific areas or power specific appliances. While versatile for a myriad of uses ranging from water heaters, fireplaces, and other appliances to home heat, these cylinders can heat and power entire homes or businesses and multiple appliances when manifolded together, the same way a larger tank would. Propane cylinders can be easily installed right against a building wall.

Propane Tanks:

Also known as horizontal propane tanks or torpedo propane tanks, these vessels are more often used for residential and commercial applications if space is not an issue, since they can hold more propane than cylinders. Torpedo tanks can come in multiple sizes, with the two most common residential sizes being 500-gallon tanks and 1,000-gallon tanks.

500 gallon propane tank

500-Gallon propane tank:

Also known as 500 USWG tanks, this is one of the propane tank sizes most commonly used for residential and small commercial heating among other uses. It has a larger capacity but takes up more space, as it's almost 10 feet in length and must be installed at least 10 feet from any building or property line. They are approximately 3'10" High, 9'10" Long and have a Diameter of 38". 

Most common uses of 500-Gallon Propane Tanks:

500-Gallon tanks at maximum capacity store more than enough fuel to make propane the powerhouse of the property, to efficiently and effectively heat up an entire home, or to be used for power generation, powering appliances like stoves and water heaters, pools, fireplaces and more. 

1000 gallon propane tank

1,000-gallon tank:

1,000 gallon propane tanks are more commonly used in commercial and agricultural applications, since they hold a larger volume of propane than what is typically required for the average household. However, large homes relying solely on propane and located in remote or difficult to reach areas in the winter may benefit from this size for the extra storage it offers. Spanning almost 16 feet in length, this tank must be installed at least 10 feet from any building and 10 feet from any property line. They are approximately 4'4" High, 15'11" Long and have a Diameter of 41". 

Learn what your ideal propane tank size is here, or contact us at 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467) for expert advice when choosing the right propane tank to suit your energy needs.

Never run out of propane with our Auto Delivery program:

Whether you use propane for indoor or outdoor appliances, furnace heat, back-up power generation or small, medium and large-scale commercial applications, Superior Propane can provide a tank size that suits your needs and a reliable delivery service to ensure you never run out of fuel.

With our Auto Delivery option, we take the worry out of ordering propane for homes and businesses. With auto delivery, you don't need to constantly monitor your propane tank levels. You can take advantage of receiving a continuous supply without lifting a finger. We know when it’s time for a propane refill and we’ll automatically schedule your delivery. If you have a SMART* Tank™ sensor installed on your propane tank, your tank levels are automatically updated. If you don’t have a sensor, our advanced delivery and routing system predicts when you need a refill based on your usage history and the temperature patterns in your area, so you don’t need to place an order when your propane is already running low. 

Automatic propane delivery is ideal for most customers with variable usage, multiple annual deliveries, and unrestricted access to their property. You can view your estimated delivery date from your dashboard in mySUPERIOR™

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