Whether you use propane for indoor or outdoor appliances, furnace heat, back-up power generation or large-scale commercial applications, Superior can provide a tank size that suits your needs. Propane tank sizes are usually referred to by the volume of liquid they hold. It's also important to note that tanks are filled to a maximum of 80% of their capacity to allow for the natural expansion of liquid propane that occurs with a change in temperature. Therefore, a 500-gallon tank will typically hold approximately 400 gallons or 1,500 litres of liquid propane.

Here are the three most common tank sizes to help you decide, though there are smaller cylinders available for portable uses as well as larger sizes for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

420-lb. cylinder. Our smallest permanently installed vessel is designed for auxiliary heating for water heaters, fireplaces, pools and heaters. To compare, this size looks like but is significantly larger than a barbecue tank, which typically takes up to 20 lbs. of propane. Tall and round, it offers the flexibility of connecting together with up to three additional cylinders if you need more fuel but don't have the space for a larger tank. It's a real space saver and can be installed right against a building wall.

500-gallon tank. This size is ideal for residential or small commercial heating use. It has a larger capacity but takes up more space, as it's almost 10 feet in length. You'll also need more space around it since the tank must be installed at least 10 feet from any building or property line.

1,000-gallon tank. This tank is larger than necessary for the average home and is best suited for commercial or agricultural use. However, large homes with many appliances or located in areas that are difficult to reach for deliveries in the winter may want to consider this size for the extra storage it offers. Spanning almost 16 feet in length, this tank must be installed at least 10 feet from any building and 10 feet from any property line.

To discuss your propane usage and order a tank that fits your needs, call us at 1-87SUPERIOR.

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