How to Make Bill Payments

mySUPERIORTM is the easiest way to pay for propane deliveries and service.

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Superior Propane Payment Options

Our commitment to customer service means providing bill payment options that work for you. Choose the one that best suits your needs for hassle-free payments.

Payments Made Simple

Life’s busy. We understand that. That’s why you can take manually paying for your propane bill off your to-do list. Experience hassle-free payments by setting up automated credit card payments in your mySUPERIORTM account. Your payment is automatically processed, and if you need to refer to your bill, you can quickly view it from your mySUPERIORTM account too.
Closeup of a cell phone. It is displaying a customer's payment methods in the mySUPERIOR app.


Example of a payment plan with equal monthly payments

Want more control over your energy budget? Superior offers an Equal Payment Plan for homes and small businesses, which lets you pay the same amount every month regardless of fluctuations. If you use more or less propane throughout the year, the payment amount may be adjusted to reflect your actual consumption and you will be notified in advance.
This option can make household budgeting easier.

Looking to pay as you go? Our Standard Payment Plan lets you pay per delivery. Whether your delivery type is automatic or will call, you pay within 15 days of delivery.

Pre-Authorized Payments

With Your Credit Card

We can automatically charge your account balance to your Visa or MasterCard, after your delivery or service. Plus, if your credit card is linked to a rewards program, you earn extra points!

Through Your Bank Account

Enjoy the convenience of pre-authorized payments from your bank account. Your account balance is automatically withdrawn after your delivery or service - no bank visit, no signing into an online account, no worries.

Pay Through Your bank

Online Banking

Using your account number, you can add Superior Propane to your payee list through your financial institution’s secure online banking system. You take care of the payment online - it’s that easy.

At Your Bank

If you prefer doing your banking in person, no problem. Your account balance can be paid at most Canadian financial institutions just by bringing in the payment stub from your most recent invoice/delivery ticket.

Direct Payment to Superior Propane

Give Us a Call

Let our customer service team process your payment quickly. Call us at 1-87SUPERIOR with your credit card number and your Superior Propane account number and we'll process your payment right away.

Mail Us

If paying by mail works for you, it works for us too. Simply mail us a cheque, along with your remittance stub, addressed to:
Superior Propane
P.O. Box 4568
Toronto, ON M5W 0J5
“You don’t have to do anything except pay your bill which can be automatically debited from your bank account each month. If you are on the equal payment plan, you avoid high charges in the winter months. Very user friendly!”
“Fast and reliable delivery. No hassle online billing and payments. Courteous and friendly customer service.”
“Very fast delivery, I love it! With the automatic payments going through my credit card and the delivery request that I make directly from my app, it's just perfect.”