How to Save on Home Energy Costs This Fall

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, many homeowners start thinking about their energy needs for the upcoming months. If you're considering a switch or just want to optimize your current setup, here's why Superior Propane should be at the top of your list. 

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The Propane Advantage

Homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to increase energy efficiency in order to curb climbing energy expenses as the weather turns colder. One popular option is propane. Not only is propane more cost-effective than fuels like oil, but its clean-burning nature also prolongs appliance lifespans and reduces maintenance costs.

Propane is a low-carbon and low-emission fuel. Residential and commercial propane consumers pay less carbon taxes in Canada, which can also add up to significant savings in the long run. Even home insurance premiums offer better rates for propane vs other fuels like oil. Additionally, the Canadian government offers a variety of energy rebate programs to incentivize the use of low-emission fuels that are great for your family, your pocket and the environment.

Propane also doesn’t degrade.  Whether as your main power source or as back-up fuel, you can store your propane without worries of it becoming unusable over time, making it safe for long-term storage, and eliminating the need to replace the fuel if not used.


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Propane Heating for the Colder Months

Propane is an extremely versatile fuel, which can be used to power many applications. One of the most common uses of propane is for heating. Whether outdoors or indoors, heating your home or business with propane offers superior benefits over other fuels.

Quick and Efficient Heating:

When the cold sets in, you want a heating solution that works fast. Propane heaters warm spaces quickly, ensuring you're cozy in no time. Whether it's your living room, patio, or workshop, propane delivers consistent heat wherever needed.

Safe and Reliable:

Most propane heating systems are equipped with safety features that shut off the fuel supply if the flame goes out, ensuring peace of mind. Additionally, propane, from production and transportation to handling and use, is regulated by a variety of Acts and Regulations within federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions.

Adaptability in Installation:

When considering propane furnaces, the installation options are versatile. Propane furnaces, known for their efficiency, can be integrated into central heating systems of homes, ensuring uniform warmth. Their design often allows for installation in tight spaces or basements. With propane, you're not just choosing an energy source; you're opting for flexibility that caters to your specific heating requirements. Learn more about propane tank and appliance installation here.

Propane Uses for a More Efficient Home

Propane's versatility extends far beyond just heating. Its diverse applications make it an essential energy source for various residential needs, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every use.


Cooking with Precision:

Propane-powered stoves and ovens allow homeowners to cook with exact temperature control, ensuring evenly cooked meals every time. This precision reduces overcooking or undercooking, leading to less wasted food and energy. Plus, propane stoves heat up instantly, saving time and further reducing energy costs.


Water Heating:

Propane water heaters heat up faster than electric models, plus they can be more energy efficient. Two good reasons why you'll enjoy quicker hot showers while also saving on monthly energy bills.


Outdoor Living Enhancements:

Propane is an efficient fuel for backyard appliances too. From BBQs to patio heaters, propane-powered equipment often has a longer lifespan and operates at a lower cost than electric alternatives. This means more backyard gatherings without a spike in energy costs.


Backup Power with Propane Generators:

Power outages can lead to potential losses, especially if you work from home or have essential appliances that need to run continuously. Propane generators not only ensure a consistent power supply but also operate at a fraction of the cost of gasoline or diesel generators.


Elegant Ambiance without the Expense:

Propane fireplaces offer the charm and warmth of a traditional fireplace without the mess and cost of wood. They're more energy-efficient and provide a consistent heat source, ensuring your living space remains cozy without a high price tag. 



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Saving on Propane Pricing Plans

With the fluctuating cost of fuels, propane offers a more predictable way to manage your utility bills when you opt for a pricing plan; you can secure a consistent rate throughout the year regardless of market fluctuations. This not only offers potential long-term savings but also gives you complete control over your energy budget. Whether you choose to lock in a fixed rate for the entire year or spread out payments evenly every month, you'll always know what to expect on your bill.


Fixed Price Plan (FPP):

With Superior Propane's Fixed Price Plan, you can lock in your propane price for 12 months and not have to worry about the variable market rate. You’re protected from fluctuating propane prices for the duration of your plan, similar to a fixed mortgage. You have the peace of mind of knowing what your propane costs will be every time you receive a delivery during the plan’s 12-month term.

Price plans are similar to mortgage rates, with fixed and variable (floating) pricing. A fixed price offers stability and predictability, and can assist with budget planning. A variable rate can take advantage of favourable market conditions, which has the potential to save you money over the course of the year. The choice is yours when it comes to the plan that meets your needs. 


Equal Payment Plan (EPP):

The EPP allows you to pay the same amount on a monthly basis, spreading your costs evenly throughout the year and helping you budget for your propane deliveries with a predictable monthly bill.

If you use more or less propane throughout the year, the payment amount will be adjusted twice each year to reflect your actual consumption. This option can make household budgeting easier.



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Optimized Propane Delivery = More Savings on Propane

Superior Propane offers Automatic Delivery which is not only a convenient way to receive propane refills but also helps minimize propane-related fees. Superior optimizes the frequency of your automatic deliveries to ensure you receive a continuous propane supply while without having to pay more fees than necessary. By determining the most efficient delivery schedule, you could be saving on applicable fees, such as delivery and HAZMAT charges.

The Auto Delivery plan also safeguards against unexpected costs. When you leave the scheduling and deliveries to us, there's a reduced risk of emergency deliveries and associated charges, as you will always have the fuel you need, when you need it. If you're looking to further stabilize your budget, you can combine Auto Delivery with our Fixed Price Plan and Equal Payment Plan. This combination ensures you're maximizing the value of every propane litre, both in utility and in savings.

Discover more about how our specialized delivery options are tailored to fit your needs here.



Maintenance Tips for Fall: Savings and Safety

As the temperature drops, it's important to make sure that your propane tank and appliances are in top condition. Proper maintenance not only guarantees safety but also prevents unexpected expenses that might arise from emergency repairs or inefficiencies. 

1. Regular Tank Check-Ups:

Before the cold sets in, inspect your propane tank for any signs of wear or damage. When you are a Superior Propane customer, our drivers perform a visual tank check-up conducted on every delivery. Our team inspects your propane tank for signs of wear, rust, dents, or other irregularities. Our proactive approach to safety ensures that potential issues are identified early, preventing bigger problems down the line. Learn more about residential propane tank checkups.

2. Appliance Check-up:

It's a good practice to have your propane-powered appliances serviced annually. This ensures they operate efficiently, saving you money on fuel. It also reduces the risk of breakdowns during peak usage times, preventing costly emergency repairs. We partner with local companies to provide you with maintenance and repair services.

3. Clear the Area:

Ensure the area around your propane tank is free from debris, especially fallen leaves or snow. This results in more efficient operation while also making it easier for your Superior Propane driver to access your tank. Learn more about propane safety and best practices to ensure a hassle-free experience.

4. Install a Propane Detector:

While propane is a safe fuel, it's always a good idea to have a propane detector installed in your home. This device will alert you if there's a leak, ensuring the safety of your family. Learn more about tank safety tips.

5. Emergency Preparedness:

Familiarize yourself with the smell of propane (a rotten egg-like odor) and educate your family on what to do in case of a suspected leak. Turn off the gas, leave the area immediately, and call Superior Propane or emergency services. 


By taking these proactive steps, you not only ensure the safety and efficiency of your propane system but also avoid unexpected costs. With Superior Propane by your side, you can enjoy a warm and worry-free fall and winter.




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