what is propane?

Propane is made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms and is a byproduct of natural gas processing. It can also be made from crude oil refining although most of Canada's supply is produced from natural gas. Propane as a gas and can be liquified with pressure, making it easy to store and transport in liquid form. For example, the propane tanks used for grilling are filled with liquid propane. The liquid, once released from the container, reverts to its gaseous form. For this reason, propane is often referred to as Liquified Pretoleum Gas (LPG).

Propane is the preferred fuel choice for many Canadians due to the abundance of LPG in Canada. It has a wide range of applications, powering household essentials like furnaces, kitchens, pools, and power generators. Additionally, it fuels various commercial operations in sectors such as construction, mining, and agriculture, and is also used in efficient propane-powered vehicles.



Highlighting its eco-friendly nature, propane's clean burn aligns with the increasing global focus on sustainability. It's not just about reducing emissions; propane also plays a pivotal role in promoting a cleaner, greener future. Beyond its environmental benefits, propane is also economically efficient. Its high energy-to-volume ratio ensures that users get a robust performance with every use. Its combustion is effective, ensuring users receive the most energy for their money. For those seeking a reliable, green, and cost-effective energy source, Superior Propane is the ideal partner for all your energy needs, backed by years of expertise and commitment to excellence and reliability.

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Moving towards a net-zero future is more attainable with propane. Leveraging current infrastructure, it presents a immediate solution to reduce emissions, guiding homes and businesses to a more sustainable future.


Propane is a wise fuel choice due to its competitive pricing and reduced maintenance cost for propane appliances. Propane users also pay less carbon tax and can benefit from lower home insurance premiums compared to oil.


Propane's adaptability shines in its diverse uses. Whether it's for heating your space, fueling  appliances, powering business operations or even vehicles, propane has it covered. For home or businesses, propane can power your energy needs.


Known for its energy efficiency, propane’s consistent, high energy output ensures appliances and systems operate at peak performance. This means optimal operation with every use, making propane a top choice for energy performance.


Discover the latest offerings from Canada's leading propane provider, tailored to fit your home or business energy needs. Whether you're already on propane or using other fuels like oil, explore our offers and make the switch to Superior Propane. Start enjoying the many benefits of propane power, combined with Superior's unmatched security of supply, easy propane management and decades of industry expertise.


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Manage delivery and refill costs by finding the perfect tank to suit your needs. Our team is here to help. 


We help you determine the tank size that suits your needs, based on the appliances you are installing and expected propane usage. And with our exclusive SMART* Tank™ Monitoring System, you will always have a safe, secure and steady supply of fuel.
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Superior Propane ensures an unparalleled security of supply, ensuring our customers never face interruptions. With decades of experience, we've established multiple fuel supply sources across Canada, guaranteeing a steady propane flow even during unexpected demand spikes, force-majeure events, and more.

Our vast storage facilities, combined with a strategic approach to inventory management, ensure we always have stock on hand. 

With a robust and diversified distribution network, encompassing railways, trucks, ships, pipelines, and even planes, we ensure there's propane available for delivery to every corner of the nation. Whether you're in bustling urban centers or remote regions, Superior Propane is committed to delivering reliability. Our proactive approach, combined with advanced technologies, ensures that our customers are always informed and prepared. Dive deeper into our commitment and discover why we stand as Canada's premier propane provider. Learn more about Superior Propane security of supply.

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Choose reliable and convenient service from Superior and enjoy the comforts of an inviting home - made easy and worry-free. Enroll in one of our pricing plans and get all the benefits from propane at a cost that fits your needs.
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Partner with Superior Propane to power operations efficiently and cost-effectively, from large industrial sites to small businesses. Its versatility ensures uninterrupted operations, while its clean-burning properties align with eco-friendly business practices.

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