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How is Propane Priced?


Propane pricing is top of mind for most of our customers. After all, propane is a key item in the household budget, so it’s important to get good value for your dollar. [...]

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3 Tips for Reducing Energy Costs


Increasing energy efficiency in our homes and businesses comes with many advantages, including lowering our energy bills and reducing our environmental impact. There may even be some government incentives available [...]

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Save on Propane with Affordable Budget Plans


Many families and businesses alike are looking to maintain cashflow and budget for expenses throughout the year. Whether it’s part of your regular spending review or to be prepared for the uncertain times, it’s prudent to take some time to evaluate your propane pricing [...]

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Preparing for winter delivery


Fresh snowfall, snow-covered tree branches and sparkling white landscapes — Canadian winters can be beautiful, but they can also leave us with a buildup of snow and ice on our property. Sometimes, this can make delivering your propane challenging and hazardous. Superior [...]

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Tips for cooler temperatures


As days and nights get chillier and we prepare for another Canadian winter, we want to share some ideas and planning tips to protect you from the risks that can come with the season, such as power outages and higher heating costs. [...]

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Dangers of oil


Many homeowners are surprised to learn about the potential for catastrophic risks from a heating oil leak. An oil tank is typically located in the basement or at the exterior of a home, either above ground or underground. Regardless of the location, [...]

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Propane tank facts 101 - Getting started


Propane is a clean, abundant fuel that keeps homes and businesses warm and inviting. Propane is stored in tanks and cylinders that are installed, filled, inspected and serviced by Superior’s team of technical experts.

There’s a lot to know about tank sizes, [...]

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