From exploring energy cost comparisons to unveiling available rebates and incentives, learn how to make your home heating choice easier, switch to a more efficient heating solution that might lower your energy bills and positively impact the environment. 

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For many homeowners, an oil leak might be dismissed as a minor inconvenience until the true cost of such an event is faced. A heating oil tank sits unassumingly either in the basement or on the property, yet it carries a grave risk for financial and environmental catastrophe.

Not only can heating with oil be more expensive than alternative options like propane, here are some other things to keep in mind when comparing oil vs. propane for home heating.

The Environmental Impact of Oil Heat

 A drop of oil can contaminate up to 25 litres of water, rendering it undrinkable. An oil tank leak poses extensive environmental risks that if undetected, can infiltrate surrounding properties and require extensive soil remediation, potentially creating the need to remove affected trees and plants. Inside the home, a furnace oil leak can affect indoor air quality, potentially causing health effects for residents. 

On the other hand, propane doesn't pose such threats to the environment or personal property. If released, it dissipates into the air without causing any harm. Want to know more? Explore the benefits of propane in this educational video:

Oil Heat and Home Insurance: A Risky Affair

Even a little oil spill can result in clean-up costs that can escalate to hundreds of thousands of dollars. This has led to a concerning trend where many home insurance providers exclude oil damage coverage from their policies, leaving homeowners to bear the financial burden of any oil-related incidents. Some homeowners who use heating oil may face higher premiums or find themselves needing to purchase additional insurance policies for protection against a potential oil spill. Since insurance coverage for oil spills is not standard and varies by provider, homeowners need to thoroughly review their policies. In some cases, homeowners have found themselves facing substantial costs when their insurance did not cover an oil leak.

It's also worth noting that homeowners can take preventative measures to mitigate the risk of oil leaks. Regularly inspecting the oil tank, monitoring fuel consumption, and keeping an eye out for signs of leaks such as the odour of fuel or contaminated soil or water can help identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Heating with propane does not carry these same risks or incremental premiums and costs. Making the switch to propane can provide homeowners with peace of mind and without the looming threat of an oil tank leak and its associated costs.

home insurance premiums for heating oil


Energy Costs for Propane Heating vs. Oil Heating

Propane heating can save you as much as 25% on your energy bills compared to oil heating, with actual savings varying based on your location in Canada and your equipment's efficiency. Today’s propane furnaces boast as much as 97% efficiency, outperforming older oil furnaces that only provide 60 to 80% efficiency.

Aside from cost savings, propane provides homeowners with peace of mind - there's no looming oil tank with associated leak risks on their property. Interested in finding out your potential savings? Use this savings calculator.

Rebates and Incentives for Switching from Oil Heat to Propane

Switching from oil heat to propane not only mitigates environmental and health risks, it also presents financial opportunities. Government rebates and in-store promotions on new HVAC equipment can help offset the initial costs of switching. Not only can you take advantage of these incentives when upgrading to propane, you can also combine them with Superior Propane’s offers for new customers who make the switch to propane from oil or electricity.


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Propane: A Safe, Low-Emission, and Cost-Effective Home Heating Option

The risks of oil tank or furnace leaks, soil contamination, poor indoor air quality, and the stress of fluctuating furnace oil prices can be overwhelming for homeowners. There’s no better time to remove the oil tank and associated hazards, and switch to propane - a safer, low-emission, and more cost-effective alternative.

Choosing propane over oil doesn’t just benefit the environment; it also positively impacts your wallet and contributes to a healthier home environment. Let Superior Propane guide you in making this beneficial transition towards a more efficient, economical, and environmentally-friendly home heating system.


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