The Real Price of Oil Hefty Home Insurance Claim from Oil Tank Leak

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Narrator: A small heating oil leak turns into a nightmare for a rural homeowner.

An excavator digs a hole in a residential backyard.

Dan: I clearly call it a disaster, you look outside and its devastation

On-Screen Text: Dan, homeowner

Narrator: Dan was already planning to switch out his home's oil heating system when the unthinkable happened.

Dan walks around his backyard.

Dan: I looked around the oil tank, didn't see anything. Got up underneath, right on the ground and saw the full stream going.

Dan in his living room.

Narrator: Once the spill was contained, the soil around the tank had to be tested.

A skid steer moves dirt in Dan's backyard.

On-Screen Text: One drop of oil can render up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking.

Dan: The test results came back and they said we have to do more digging.

Dan: At its deepest point the hole was about 36 ft deep.

An excavator digs a hole in a residential backyard.

Dan: And we've seen huge massive 60 ft blue spruce cut down. My daughters, my wife kinda shut it out and said “okay” and nobody wanted to go outside. The overall cost is reaching $350,000 under the insurance company. This has been 6 months and we don't see a final destination on this yet.

Dominic Palladino: There are a number of benefits from switching off oil to propane.The first one is a much cleaner fuel to burn. The second thing is propane in general is much, much more versatile than people think. The last thing is it's very cost effective as well.

On-Screen Text: Dominic Palladino, Superior Propane

Dan:The oil when it burned it felt thicker. And since we've had it in place the air in the house feels a lot cleaner with propane

Narrator: To learn more about switching off furnace oil, go to:

On-Screen Text: All opinions expressed by the homeowner in this video are solely his opinions and do not reflect the opinions of Superior Propane or its affiliates.