Commercial Propane Delivery Options for Your Business


December 14, 2022

When you are working hard to manage your business, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure you have enough propane when you need it. Having delivery options for commercial propane lets you control how and when your tanks are filled.

Benefits of Automatic Commercial Propane Delivery

The main advantage of automatic delivery is that you don’t have to check your propane levels and manually request deliveries. At Superior Propane, we utilize tank sensors to remotely monitor your tank levels and automatically schedule your propane deliveries. This delivery option allows you to focus more on your business and less on ordering propane. Log into your mySUPERIOR™ account anytime to view estimated delivery dates, tank levels, and historic consumption for all tank locations across your operations.

Adding a SMART* Tank™ sensor to your commercial propane tank improves our fill-rate which reduces extra deliveries and related costs, road and site traffic congestion, and ultimately our carbon footprint. The sensors also help minimize customer failures and provide customers with up-to-date information on their tank levels and planned deliveries via the mySUPERIOR website or mobile app. Superior Propane is the only company that provides a sophisticated, fully integrated platform that gives customers full visibility to be able to manage their commercial propane needs.

Which Commercial Propane Delivery Option Works Best for Your Business

Commercial propane is used across several industries and for various applications, from providing heat and power to construction sites and community facilities, to fueling equipment for agriculture, mining, and manufacturing. Propane also powers commercial appliances and processes for hospitality, restaurants, and many other businesses. The propane application helps determine the most suitable commercial propane delivery option.

Propane Forklifts for Manufacturing

Propane powered forklifts are clean-burning and add efficiency to your business. They reduce downtime of electric or battery-operated lift trucks and boost productivity. Propane cylinders are simple to switch. Propane cylinders are stored on-site in a secure storage cage and can be exchanged for full cylinders on a delivery schedule that suits your needs. Click here for propane cylinder delivery solutions.

On-site Auto Propane for Fleets

With fewer emissions and lower fuel costs, propane is Canada’s fleet solution. A propane dispenser can be installed and maintained on-site, allowing you to refuel your fleet at any time. Propane refuelling station installation can be cost-effective compared to some other fuel types, allowing your business to save more. Click here for auto propane refuelling options.

Propane Power Generators for Business

Propane power generators deliver reliable and continuous power while reducing costs and carbon emissions. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers for commercial propane generators to design, build and service propane power systems anywhere in Canada. We can tailor the delivery solution to suit your needs, whether it’s primary, backup, temporary or hybrid power, or combined heat power (CHP). Click here for propane power generation services.

Temporary Heat for Construction Sites and More

Propane heaters keep your team warm and comfortable. Whether you use direct or indirect fired portable heaters, propane provides clean, consistent heat, free from moisture and emissions. Technical experts work with you to determine the needs of your job site and specify and install the right propane cylinders or tanks, vapourizers, regulators and valves. Click here for commercial propane heating solutions.

Uninterrupted Commercial Propane Deliveries

When your business depends on a steady supply of propane to keep it running, you need to be confident in your choice for a propane partner. How do you ensure that you’ll have a sufficient and uninterrupted propane supply when faced with spikes in demand, road or border closures, or inclement weather conditions? Superior Propane has extensive storage capacity and abundant reserves across the country and can quickly mobilize various distribution methods to overcome supply chain challenges and get propane to our customers. Superior Propane has developed an extensive and diversified distribution network, including major and smaller railway lines, as well as trucks, ships, pipelines, and planes.

Commercial Propane Tank Size Options

Having the correct propane tank size can help reduce the number of deliveries you need and make sure you have the propane supply on hand for when you need it. Commercial propane tanks and cylinders come in several sizes and can be manifolded together to increase storage capacity as required.

The most commonly used commercial propane tank sizes are 1,000; 2,000; and 5,000 Gallons. If your application requires more propane, a larger tank or an additional propane tank can be installed to meet demand requirements. Ask us about 10,000 gallon; 18,000 gallon; or 30,000 gallon propane tank storage capacity.

Learn more about the commercial propane tank sizes available from Superior Propane.

Looking for Propane Delivery for Your Home?

Are you looking for residential propane delivery? Superior Propane offers automatic delivery, as well as periodic and will call options for your home. Learn more.

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