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On-Screen Text: Is Propane the answer?

Dominic: Propane is actually a derivative of natural gas... it acts and performs in the exact same way.

On-Screen Text: Dominic Palladino, Superior Propane

It really is natural gas for people that do not have natural gas on-site.

A graphic shows homes on a natural gas grid and a home using a Superior Propane tank.

On-Screen Text: What are the benefits of switching to propane?

The first one is it's a much cleaner fuel to burn.

There's much less carbon emissions that are obviously put out in the environment and that's always a good thing.

On-Screen Text: Propane emits less Carbon. Oil has Annual Carbon emissions of 11,100 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Propane has Annual Carbon emissions of 5,700 kilograms of carbon dioxide

If for some reason there is a leak... it dissipates into the air. There's no contamination of soil and no contamination of water.

A graphic shows an oil tank leaking and contaminating the soil.

On Screen-Text: Propane does not pose a risk to the environment, unlike some other fuels.

Propane in general is much, much more versatile than people think. You can use it obviously to heat your home, you can hook up all of your appliances on it, you can use it outside for heating pools and backup generators.

A graphic shows all the uses of propane inside and outside of the home.

On-Screen Text: Propane has many applications.

The last thing is it's very cost effective as well. It's not uncommon for us to see savings of 20, 30 and even 40% a year for homeowners when switching from traditional oil furnace to propane.

On-Screen Text: Propane saves money. Lowers fuel costs. Lowers associated risk and insurance costs. Lowers maintenance costs.

Graphique d’un réservoir de propane vert.

Texte à l’écran : La conversion au propane n’est pas compliquée.

The first step is always a site assessment. So we'll have one of our energy consultants come out, review the requirements with the homeowner, see exactly what the propane is going to be used for and once we gather all of that insight we bring that back to the homeowner with our recommendations.

Then we turn it over to our coordinators. They will work with the technicians, they will work with the service delivery to ensure that the installation is done in the best possible way.

A graphic of a home with a Superior Propane truck making a delivery.

On-Screen Text: Steps for switching to propane. Site Assessment. Recommendations. Installation and first delivery.

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A green propane tank with Superior Propane logo

On-Screen Text: Clean and cost-effective. For everyday living. SwitchOffOil.ca