The Benefits of a Propane Water Heater

Take the guilt out of long showers with the efficiency of a propane water heater. Propane water heaters can offer the most efficient, cost-effective way to heat your water. More and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of using propane to heat their water over oil and electric models. Here are just some of the advantages propane water heaters offer:

1. Cost-effective: Propane heaters are energy efficient, saving you money over the long run. An Energy Star propane unit can save as much as 20% in annual energy costs compared to standard electric- and oil- powered water heaters+. Propane models can also last longer and require less maintenance, saving you money down the road.

2. Save Floor Space: Propane water heaters can help you save on valuable floor space while still providing an abundant supply of hot water. For example, a 40-gallon propane storage water heater can deliver the same amount of hot water as a larger 50-gallon electric unit+. Tankless units are even more compact saving you about 12 square feet of floor space.

3. A Greener Alternative: By reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the water and by lessening standby loss, propane water heaters are the green choice. Your heater will emit less carbon dioxide resulting in better indoor air quality and reduced environmental impact, especially if you currently heat your water with furnace oil. Not only is it great of the environment, but it saves you money.

4. Hassle-free Installation and Maintenance: Ready to start reaping the benefits of propane water heaters? Superior Propane’s Certified Partners will install your propane water heater for you, making it easy to get started. Once installed, our partners can help with regular care and maintenance, so your heater lasts for years to come.

Tankless vs. Storage Tank Propane Water Heaters

Whether you use a storage tank or want to go tankless, both propane water heating options use cutting edge technology to give you Energy Star qualified energy efficiency. Find out what options works for your home.

Propane-Powered Storage Tank Water Heaters

Ideal for an average family, homes that are replacing an existing storage tank water heater, or homes that have space in the basement or furnace room. Benefits include:
  • Available in multiple sizes for different size families (40 gallon and 50 gallon are the most common)
  • Smaller than electric tanks with the same output, freeing up more space
  • Many are Energy Star qualified
  • Power Vent, Direct Vent and Conventional options are available
  • Reduce emissions compared to standard oil burning units
Superior Propane employee servicing a water heater.
Superior Propane employee servicing a tankless water heater.

Propane-Powered Tankless Water Heaters

Perfect for larger families with higher hot water consumption, homes with soaker tubs, homes with limited space for a water heater, or new builds.

  • Endless hot water, on demand
  • Only heats water when it’s needed.
  • Save up to 16 square feet of floor space
  • More  efficient than Storage Tank options, saving you money
  • Most are Energy Star qualified
  • Reduce emissions compared to standard oil units, and even compared to a typical propane storage tank model

Renting VS. Purchasing

Whether you’re renting or buying your water heater, each one has its own benefits. Find out what works for you.

Professional at the front door of a house holding toolbox ready to service a water heater.

Hassle-Free Service

With a rented heater, the maintenance or replacement is included in your monthly price. It gives you the convenience of never having to worry or pay for the servicing of your water tank.
Plumber holding a water heating element that is covered in calcium.

Well Water can be Hard on Water Heaters

Many rural areas have hard water and require more frequent repair and replacement of water heaters, which makes renting a tank more advantageous than purchasing a unit.
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Cost Benefits

The low monthly cost of renting a water heater means that it could take 6 to 7 years of renting to match the purchase price.  When you factor in any maintenance and servicing costs associated that are covered in your rental cost, that can stretch the time frame out matching the purchase price even longer.
Superior Propane employee having a conversation with a couple in a kitchen.


Our Certified Partners offer the option to rent or purchase your water heater. They can explain the cost and convenience of each option.

The Benefits of Switching to Propane



Lower Cost

  • Greater efficiency means that propane heaters save you money
  No    No 

Higher Efficiency

  • Propane storage tank water heaters deliver the same amount of hot water (or more) as electric and oil units and have less standby loss
  No    No 

Green Certified

  • They are the only Energy Star qualified water heater option for most rural homeowners
  No    No 

Less Emissions

  • They are the only Energy Star qualified water heater option for most rural homeowners
  No    No 
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+Canadian Propane Association. Propane for Sustainable Living. Retrieved from The cost of energy varies by region, provider, and customer. Your individual savings may vary.