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Why Superior?

Our unmatched delivery network provides propane whenever you need it, wherever you need it, at a price that works for your budget.


Our national distribution network ensures that you have a reliable supply of propane, that’s always delivered by qualified local technicians. All backed by the trust and reliability you expect from a propane supplier with over 65 years of experience.
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We are leaders in the industry, delivering the latest technological innovations that will make it easy to fuel your day. With SMART* Tank™ monitoring and, you can see your propane levels and schedule a delivery when you need it.


Our payment plans take the unpredictability out of propane prices. Choose a Fixed Price Plan and/or an Equal Payment Plan to help you budget your energy costs for the year.
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Calculate Your Saving

Switch to Propane Calculator

Calculate how much you could save by switching your heating fuel to propane.

To begin, please choose the way you want to calculate fuel costs:

Use your actual recent utility costs

Estimate based on historical governmentFuel consumption based on Government of Canada data of typical homes like yours in your geographic area.

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What fuel do you currently use to heat your home?

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Select the type of heating equipment you currently use.

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Vent Damper With Non-Continuous Pilot Light

Mid-Efficiency Furnace

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Central Furnace

Conventional Stove (Properly Located)

'High-Tech' Stove (Properly Located)

Advanced Combustion Fireplace

Pellet Stove

Electric Baseboards


Air Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump

How much does it cost to heat your home, approximately?

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Detached (Older) pre-1990

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What is your current price of propane?

To find out your current price, please call us at 1-855-539-5860

This selection uses a representative price for a home heat customer. Your price may be higher or lower depending on where you live and how much propane you use annually.

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Switching Made Easy

We make switching to Superior simple. They’ll guide you through the entire process from setting up your account to installing your propane tank and making sure you get any offers and rebates you are eligible for.

  1. Step 1: Contact Us

    Getting in touch with us is simple. Complete the form below and we’ll call you or give us a call at 1-87SUPERIOR
  2. Step 2: Determining Your Needs

    Our friendly team will help you determine what tank size and payment plan will work for you. Then they book your installation date. It’s that easy.
  3. Step 3: Installation

    Our expert technicians will install your new tank and get you started with Superior on the same day your current propane tank is removed.

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Switching to Superior is easier than you think. Contact us today and we’ll help you switch.

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mySUPERIOR™ puts your propane account at your fingertips. With mySUPERIOR you can schedule a delivery, view SMART* Tank™️ levels, make payments and more online. Connect to your propane even faster with our mobile app available on both Google Play and the App Store. 
SMART Tank Monitor on top of a Superior Propane Tank outdoors.
Managing your propane has never been easier. Our remote tank monitoring technology called SMART* Tank™ ensures you always have the fuel you need. SMART* Tank™ detects when it’s almost time for a fill and notifies Superior Propane to automatically schedule the delivery. You will also receive text or email notifications with up-to-date propane levels and can view readings, delivery details, and historic usage online at

Superior Benefits

Your propane, stress-free. We take the worry out of ordering propane with SMART* Tank enabled auto delivery. Plus, you’ll love the ease and convenience of – your website for checking tank levels and managing your account anywhere, anytime.
We’ve been fueling homes and businesses across Canada since 1951. Our employees understand propane and you can count on our experience. Take comfort knowing you're in good hands.
You can always depend on us. Enjoy the comforts of your home knowing Superior will make sure you have propane when you need it. Our drivers and technicians keep Canadians warm in more than 10,000 communities, coast to coast.

Contact Us to Start Your Switch

Switching to Superior is easier than you think. Contact us today and we’ll help you switch.

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Complete the form and we will contact you shortly with the help or information you need.


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