Propane Delivery Programs

At Superior Propane our goal is to make sure our customers have the propane they need, when they need it. We have two propane delivery programs to meet the different needs of our customers.

Automatic Delivery Program


The Automatic Delivery Program gives customers maximum peace of mind because propane is delivered automatically based on known or estimated propane consumption (a nice bonus when life gets busy). With this program, customers don’t have to remember to call unless they are changing their current appliance compliment, the pattern in which they use these appliances, or the size of their living space.

Are you a candidate for Superior’s Automatic Delivery Program?

You are if you can say yes to these points:

  • Your home is your primary residence, which you occupy for most months of the year.
  • You use propane to power your main sources of heating such as furnaces, water and/or space heating equipment.
  • You enjoy the simplicity of knowing your propane will be delivered automatically.

Will Call Delivery Program


The Will Call Delivery Program best fits customers with a delivery profile that may not be consistent or predictable and the customer wants to control when their deliveries occur. This service requires customers to monitor their current propane levels and request propane delivery service in advance.