How much are you losing with oil?

Over the last year you may have paid 25% more to heat your home with oil than if you had been heating with propane.*



"Last year we heated our home with oil and lost the equivalent of two weeks of groceries."


"We could have bought a laptop for our kids with the money we lost heating with oil."


"My husband and I lost the equivalent of our monthly mortgage payment last year heating our home with oil."


"If you're still heating your business with oil, you're losing more than sleep right now."



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*Based on a 3000 square foot home in Canada that uses approximately 3000 litres of oil per year with a 78% “standard efficiency” oil furnace, switching to a 95% efficient or higher “high efficiency” propane furnace. Estimated fuel savings are $1200 annually based on average furnace oil prices from June 2013-June 2014 and Superior Propane Fixed Price offer as of June 12, 2014 in certain Eastern Canada markets. Your results may vary. SMART Tank notification monthly fees will apply after the first year of service.