The Propane Advantage


Superior Propane can’t do anything about the weather, but we can offer you one powerful advantage: a safe, cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly fuel. Learn why hundreds of thousands of Canadians from coast to coast power their homes, businesses and farms with propane.

Top 5 things you probably didn’t know about propane:

1. It’s one of nature’s most versatile fuels.

It can power furnaces and boilers, hot water heaters, indoor and outdoor cooking, clothes dryers, pool heaters, generators, fireplaces and more.

2. It’s environmentally friendly.

Propane is clean burning and non-toxic. And a new high-efficiency propane furnace will emit 10,000 fewer pounds of carbon annually than a standard heating oil furnace.

3. It’s economical.

Modern propane furnaces reach 95 per cent efficiency, providing up to 30 per cent savings compared to oil. And unlike oil and gas, propane prices have decreased over the last several years.

4. It’s efficient.

Appliances and furnaces that run on propane typically have a longer life span and lower maintenance costs.

5. It’s safe.

Propane can be stored, transported and used almost anywhere and won’t deteriorate over time.

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