UPDATE - December 03, 2015


If you think you may have filled a portable propane cylinder at a Superior Propane supplied refill location, please click here.


October 27, 2015



Superior Propane has been made aware that it received propane from a supplier that may not have the required level of propane odorant as prescribed by the Canadian Standard Association. Superior delivered this product to customers before learning about this potential issue and is now taking immediate action to respond.

While non odorized Propane will not affect the proper functioning of any propane appliance, odorant is a key safety feature and is added to a propane product to help alert consumers in the event of a gas leak.

The safety of our customers is always our number one priority, and Superior Propane takes this situation very seriously. Superior immediately followed internal safety protocols to ensure that all required regulatory bodies were alerted and that all necessary measures are being taken.

As part of that response, Superior Propane has put in place a highly trained team of experts that is working to contact all customers who may have received this product, and that is arranging to have the product remediated.

In these cases, Superior Propane’s team is dispatching a technician to the customer’s delivery location in order to test the Propane’s odourant levels. If there is insufficient odourant, additional odourized Propane or a replacement portable Propane cylinders are required, it will be provided free of charge.

Customers are not required to be at home for this service and will be notified once the service is complete. All Propane deliveries in the affected area have ceased until testing is completed of both delivery trucks and storage facilities.

Superior Propane believes this non-odourized Propane was delivered to no more than 1200 of its customers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Please note, consumers should not attempt to test the propane gas themselves. In addition, if you smell even a faint odor of gas and suspect a gas leak:

  • Get everyone out of the building.
  • Extinguish all smoking materials and open flames.
  • Do not touch electrical switches, light matches or create any other source of ignition, including using electrical switches, flashlights, phones or cell phones.
  • Locate all propane equipment and turn off the propane supply.
  • Call the fire department or dial 911 from a neighbour or on your cell phone once everyone has safely left the property.
  • Do not re-enter the area until it is safe.
  • Call Superior Propane at 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467) to schedule a service call to repair the leak once the area has been deemed safe. We will turn on the propane, check all the propane appliances and re-light the pilots on the appliances for you.

If you wish to contact Superior please dial 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467)