Safety is a core value at Superior Propane

Superior Propane cares about the health and safety of its employees, customers and contractors, and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its performance in all of its operations.


A safe and healthy workplace is everyone's responsibility! Superior is committed to (i) establishing and maintaining a health, safety and environment management system that meets or exceeds applicable legal and other requirements, and (ii) excellence in health, safety, and environment as a key to our long term success in the communities in which we operate.

Superior recognizes the importance of psychological health and safety in the workplace and is committed to promoting a positive working environment where we collaborate to achieve our goals while promoting the well-being and mental health of all employees.


Superior shall provide leadership, adequate funding, and sufficient resources to achieve and maintain a proactive and industry leading health, safety and environment program. All employees, regardless of position, are encouraged to contribute to the success of the health, safety and environment program.


Our Leadership Team is accountable for establishing a program to support our ultimate goal of a Zero Harm workplace. 

Our Managers and Supervisors are accountable for knowing and complying with applicable health and safety requirements. Superior's management team is responsible to ensure all work is conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

Our Employees are accountable for working safely in accordance with established procedures. Employees shall recognize, report and correct unsafe situations or conditions. All employees are expected to ensure their own safety and that of others and have the right to refuse any work that is unsafe.


Superior is committed to ensuring frequent, open communication and consultation to its employees, customers and contractors through functioning Health and Safety Committees.


Superior will integrate health and safety into every aspect of our operations with a goal to be best in class.

Safety is a core value which we will not compromise. By doing things correctly and safely the first time, we will all reduce the risks that Superior and its employees face while continuing to deliver outstanding service to our customers.


Rick Carron
President, Superior Propane
August 2023
This policy is reviewed annually.