Propane Tank Safety and You

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On-Screen Text: Superior Propane. My favourite thing about working at Superior Propane.

Let’s take a minute to become familiar with the features on your propane tank or cylinder.

A green Superior Propane tank with logo and phone number on it (1-877-873-7467)

On-screen text: SAFETY FEATURES

You can access some of the valves and regulator under the dome, or lid, located on top of your propane tank or cylinder.

Components under the dome labeled with on-screen text: REGULATOR, SERVICE VALVE, TANK FILL VALVE, FLOAT GAUGE

When you're not accessing these components, be sure to keep the lid closed to protect the regulator from rain, snow and other elements.

A Superior Propane employee closes the lid of a propane tank.

Let’s take a look.

On-screen text: Let's take a look.

A regulator supplies the propane gas to your home or building. If you're close enough to the regulator, you may hear a slight humming noise, which is normal and no reason for alarm.

On-screen text: Propane Regulator.

The service valve supplies propane to the regulator and is the main shut-off valve to turn off the supply of propane in the event of a suspected leak.

On-Screen Text: Service Valve. Main Shut-Off


On-Screen Text: What do I do if I suspect a leak?

If you think you smell propane in or around your home or building, immediately turn off your propane supply by turning the hand wheel on the service valve clockwise to the right as far as possible to make sure the valve is completely closed.

On-Screen Text: Turn valve clockwise as far as possible to CLOSE COMPLETELY.

Do this for every tank and cylinder if you have multiple.

A green Superior Propane tank with logo and phone number on it (1-877-873-7467)

Get everyone out of the building and call Superior Propane. Remember propane is a flammable gas so make sure there is no source of ignition when you are near tanks and cylinders.

On-Screen Text: For emergencies, call 187SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467)

To make it easier to detect a leak, an odorant called ethyl mercaptan is added to propane,

On-Screen Text: Ethyl Mercaptan.

which smells like rotten eggs or boiling cabbage.

On-Screen Text: Rotten Eggs. Boiling Cabbage.


On-Screen Text: How does my driver refill the tank/cylinder?

When it’s time for a fill, your Superior Propane Driver will remove the yellow cap from the tank fill valve and connect the hose nozzle to transfer propane into your tank or cylinder.

A Superior Propane employee removes a tank fill valve.

On-Screen Text: Tank Fill Valve.

Always make sure to clear a path to your propane tank so that your Driver can safely complete your delivery.

A Superior Propane employee closes the lid of a propane tank.

At all times, tanks and cylinders should be clear of snow, ice, debris, weeds and any combustible materials.

On-Screen Text: Keep Tank Cylinder Clear of snow, ice, debris, weeds, combustible materials.

The float gauge reads the level of propane remaining in the tank.

On-Screen Text: Float Gauge.


On-Screen Text: The tank is filled to a maximum level of 80% to leave room for gas expansion.


On-Screen Text: When should I order propane?

If you are on the Will Call delivery program, monitor your tank level and contact Superior Propane when the level reaches 30%. This gives us enough time to schedule your next delivery.

On-Screen Text: Will Call Delivery. Order propane when your tank level reaches 30%.


On-Screen Text: On Automatic Delivery? There's nothing to do. Deliveries are made automatically.

Superior’s SMART Tank sensor is connected to the float gauge in order to read the tank level and wirelessly send updated readings to our Delivery Coordinators and to you, our customer.

On-Screen Text: SMART Tank Sensor. Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology. Not all tanks equipped with sensor. Sensor appearance may vary.

The SMART Tank sensor sends you tank level notifications by email or text.

A Superior Propane employee types on his phone.

You can also view it online anytime at or from the mobile app.

A mySuperior customer account is displayed on a cell phone.

On-Screen Text: Check SMART tank levels at or mySUPERIOR app.


On-Screen Text: What are the other components on the tank?

You may notice other components on your tank such as a safety pressure relief valve and a fixed liquid level gauge. These are used by Superior’s personnel during delivery or service.

On-Screen Text: Safety pressure relief valve. Fixed liquid level gauge.


On-Screen Text: How do I begin using my propane appliances?

For your safety, please familiarize yourself with your Manufacturer’s operating instructions for your propane appliances.

The owner's manual for a Carrier Condensing Gas Furnace is shown.

If there are any changes to your propane system, including the addition or removal of appliances,

A green Superior Propane tank with logo and phone number on it (1-877-873-7467)

you must contact Superior Propane.

Superior Propane logo.

On-Screen Text: Thank you for being a Superior Customer.


On-Screen Text:


On-Screen Text: For service, deliveries, or emergencies: 187SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467)