Time to lose the oil tank?

The price you pay to heat with oil:


Unpredictable Energy Costs


Less Efficient Equipment


Higher Insurance Cost


Risk of Costly Contamination


Higher Carbon Footprint

  • The Propane boiler is supposed to be 97% efficient and given that the exhaust vent never gets hot enough to burn your skin I can believe those numbers. The box heaters are 100% efficient.–Joel S., New Brunswick



Why Choose Propane?

Save money.

Insurance is cheaper. Maintenance costs are lower. And the cost of switching can be paid for in fuel savings over time.

Extend the life of your equipment.

Propane equipment lasts longer and has lower maintenance costs. Propane can power furnaces, boilers, water heaters and many other appliances.

Reduce your environmental impact.

Propane is cleaner burning and more efficient than fuel oil. Plus, you’ll help reduce the risk of oil spills from corroding tanks.

Receive reliable, secure supply.

Our nationally powered, locally delivered company has an abundant supply.


Ready to lose the oil tank?