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Did you know that there are 17 million propane-powered vehicles worldwide? And that number climbs every day. That's because businesses like yours recognize the significant benefits that come with fueling a fleet with propane. See how Superior Propane switched our fleet to propane.

We Do It All, Just Like You

Superior Propane is your one-stop shop for efficient energy solutions. Here are 5 smart reasons to make the switch to propane.

Reason 1

Consistent Fleet Performance

Fleet operators report horsepower and torque capability comparable to gasoline.

Reason 2

Peace of Mind

With a No Run-Out Commitment, our SMART tanks let you stay on top of fuel levels and our budget options give you predictable energy costs, no matter what.

Reason 3

Less Maintenance, Longer Life Span

Because propane is a cleaner burning fuel, propane vehicles produce 30 times less particulate matter than diesel vehicles.

Reason 4

Cost Savings

The price of propane has historically been 30% lower than conventional gasoline.

Reason 5

Better for the Environment, Lower Carbon Footprint

Propane produces 26% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional gasoline.

You Invest In Propane, We Invest In You

Superior makes it easy to manage your fleet efficiently.

One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

Complete Equipment Installation

Complete Equipment Installation

Partnering with Fleet Managers

Partnering with Fleet Managers

Don’t take our word for the exclusive benefits of becoming a Superior Propane customer. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.








See how Superior Propane switched our fleet to propane.