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Superior Propane Case Study

Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.

Trade-Mark Industrial Inc. is a multi-trade contractor specializing in millwrighting, rigging, electrical, piping, sheet metal and HVAC installations and repair solutions. Trade-Mark provides services across Ontario and in the United States.
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  • The Trade-Mark client base includes most major companies in the ICI sectors including; automotive, manufacturing, steel, energy, marine, mining, cement & aggregate, food & beverage to name a few.

  • Trade-Mark and its sister companies, TM3, TMP, Comtrade and ROC employs more than 850 certified tradespeople and operates a fleet of over 440 service vehicles.

  • Propane applications include service vehicles, forklifts, crane cab heat, fabrication tools and torches.
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The Challenge

Trade-Mark identified that they would realize immediate fuel savings by switching to propane, since propane is typically half the price of gasoline. So the company began converting some of its light-duty vehicles to propane. This reduced costs at the pump and their drivers were pleased with the performance of their propane vehicles, but there were many other challenges that needed to be addressed in order for them to fully and successfully integrate propane into their operations. At the time, the company was using another propane supplier.

Firstly, they needed the proper infrastructure for refuelling conveniently and efficiently. Education was required as the drivers were accustomed to fuelling up at gas stations, which are available everywhere. Switching to propane would require the same quick and easy refuelling, without the risk of running out of propane.

Another success factor for Trade-Mark was having proper visibility into propane consumption and usage, as well as the assurance that they would always have fuel when they need it.

Finally, Trade-Mark’s skilled mechanics were performing the conversions in-house on the company’s existing vehicles, but the conversion kit they were using required some in-house modifications. They were in need of a better solution.

The Solution

Trade-Mark began working with Superior Propane to develop a comprehensive fuel management program that provides flexible refuelling options, custom reporting of fuel consumed by each vehicle and application, and the ability to instantly check propane tank levels remotely from anywhere. Here’s a closer look at the program:

Scalable and Custom Refuelling Infrastructure 
Superior offered Trade-Mark an enhanced refuelling infrastructure. A return-to-base dual hose pump and 2,000-gallon tank on their site makes it easy for drivers to refuel at work. Meanwhile, access to Superior’s cardlock network across Ontario gives drivers on-the-go refuelling convenience. A FOB must be swiped for each vehicle and cylinder when refuelling, which allows Trade-Mark to track propane usage at the driver or operator level. 

Digital Advantage
Superior’s SMART* Tank™ technology monitors Trade-Mark’s propane levels with accuracy and precision to automatically deliver their propane when they need it. Automatic deliveries allow Trade-Mark to focus on serving their customers with the assurance that they’ll always have propane. Trade-Mark can instantly check tank levels remotely from the office or on the road by logging into their account at Through the mySUPERIOR™ web portal, Trade-Mark can quickly and conveniently view propane consumption for every FOB issued to see how much propane is used by each service vehicle or forklift. 

Cost Savings
In addition to the cost savings realized by switching from gas to propane, Superior was able to offer Trade-Mark a more competitive price per litre than their previous supplier. Superior also introduced Trade-Mark to one of its technology partners that specializes in aftermarket conversions to find a conversion kit more suitable for their existing fleet. Switching to the Prins system distributed by Maxquip has resulted in a more economical and efficient process for their mechanics. 

The Results

Trade-Mark is realizing fuel cost savings of approximately $3,400 per year per vehicle. These savings offset the cost of the propane conversion and provide a payback period of approximately two years. 
“Cost-savings was our number one reason for switching to propane, but Superior also offers more robust services and support,” explains Thomas Straus, VP of Millwrighting & Rigging at Trade-Mark. “Services like mySUPERIOR online account management and SMART Tank sensors ensure we never run out of propane.”
Convenient refuelling locations and identical refuelling times compared to gas make it easy for drivers to operate on propane. Meanwhile, custom reporting and centralized billing using the FOB system make it easy to track consumption and manage costs and profits. 
Not only are these vehicles saving Trade-Mark and its sister companies money at the pumps, but propane burns cleaner than gasoline and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 26%. Propane also produces up to 96% fewer toxins and other smog-causing pollutants than gasoline. 
Best of all, vehicle performance hasn’t suffered with propane. “We see identical running performance with propane, and notice no difference compared to gas” says Straus. “Most drivers like it because of the larger tank size – they used to have to fill up once per week with gas and now only need to fill up once every two weeks with propane.” 


Benefits of Superior Propane:

  • Digital advantage for instant access to propane tank levels and reporting drilled down by application
  • Advanced refuelling infrastructure throughout Ontario
  • Cost-savings on fuel and conversions

Environmental Benefits:

  • Up to 26% less lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 
  • Up to 60% less carbon monoxide compared to gasoline
  • Up to 96% reduction in particulate matter compared to gasoline 

“Cost-savings was our number one reason for switching to propane, but Superior also offers more robust services and support [...] mySUPERIORTM online account management and SMART* TankTM sensors ensure we never run out of propane.”
Thomas Straus, Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.
“We see identical running performance with propane and notice no difference compared to gas. Most drivers like it because of the larger tank size—they used to have to fill up once per week with gas and now only need to fill up once every two weeks with propane.”
Thomas Straus, Trade-Mark Industrial Inc.

The Superior Difference

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We make it easy and stress free for you to manage your propane supply. Our innovative business tools like mySUPERIORTM and SMART* TankTM wireless monitoring system offer all the convenience and control of managing and forecasting your fuel needs anywhere, anytime.

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We’ve been fueling businesses of all sizes across Canada since 1951. We are the propane experts. We provide solutions to simple or complex projects with a focus on safety and compliance. Let us plan your next project and fuel your growth.

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