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Exterior view of Trade-Mark Industrial.

On-Screen Text: Superior Propane. Auto Propane in action.

Hugh: Trade-Mark Industrial does millwork, rigging, HVAC, electrical.

Inside the Trade-Mark Industrial warehouse.

On-Screen Text: Trade-Mark Industrial

They have over 440 service vehicles that are driven around each day.

Hugh at Trade-Mark Industrial warehouse.

On-Screen Text: Hugh Sutherland. Director of Auto Propane, Superior Propane.

Back in 2018 we met with the Strauss family. Their challenges for them were they needed an entire program for their autogas strategies. Trade-Mark wanted to convert 100 of their vehicles and they put a 200 litre propane tank inside their trucks. It takes about 2 days to convert a vehicle to propane and it's ready to go. Trade-Mark's previous propane supplier had some challenges getting propane here and what was happening was they kept running out.

On-Screen Text: The opportunity for auto propane.

We supplied Trade-Mark with a 2,000 gallon bulk propane tank, holds 6,000 litres of fuel. Smart tank technology is constantly reading the tank level of the bulk propane tank and it sends signals out at certain set points. The procurement manager can look right in their computer screen and immediately see the tank level of the propane tank. As well a manager could quickly open up an app and they're able to see on the mySUPERIOR propane app their propane level. So at 30 and 20 or 10 percent it sends out signals to refill the propane tank. Our vehicles are dispatched automatically so that they do not run out of fuel. Sometimes they can't come back conveniently to the refill station. One of the benefits of Superior's program is we\ have car locks available all throughout Ontario. Each vehicle gets a FOB. They simply swipe and they refill, and their fleet manager can see who filled, what vehicle they filled, how much fuel they got - all of this information in real time.

A Superior Propane tank with phone number (1-877-873-7467).

On-Screen Text: Easy Refuelling Solution.

Ian: The fact that we can see transactions live, we know what the guys are doing, how much they're putting in, and we can track that usage is excellent. We haven't noticed any change in performance or anything like that. It's really important for our guys, because they're carrying heavy loads, that we can't have a drop in performance.

On-Screen Text: Ian Bean. Fleet Manager, Trade-Mark Industrial.

Hugh: With any large company they've got to learn and understand the sustainability of what they're using. Propane is a very clean fuel.The reduction in participants is 92%, the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is 26%. Trade-Mark converted their vehicles and it cost about $7,000 per vehicle, but they're saving about $3,500 a year. So Trademark was able to pay back the conversion within two years.and over the 100 vehicles that they have, they're saving over $350,000 a year. We're excited to be their partner in this and we look forward to a continuing relationship with Trade-Mark.

On-Screen Text: Lower emissions.

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