Highlands Propane is now Superior Propane

Superior Propane acquired Highlands Propane in 2021. Delivery and service remain our number one priority and we are excited to offer Highlands Propane customers additional services to help make managing your propane easier and more convenient.

Highlands locations remain open for cylinder refills and for purchasing and servicing of propane appliances. Payments for propane deliveries are accepted, however Superior Propane offers more convenient ways to pay through the mySUPERIOR™ mobile app, by phone or through automatic payments.
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  1. Understand your delivery method

    Whether you're used to receiving automatic propane refills or calling in to order more propane, rest assured there is no change to how we serve you. For more information about the "Automatic" and "Will Call" delivery methods, see "How to Order Your Propane".
  2. Take note of your new account number

    You can find it on your delivery ticket and will need it to pay bills, inquire about your account and sign up for mySUPERIORTM. For more information, see "How to Read Your New Delivery Ticket".
  3. Update your payment information

    If you pay through your financial institution’s telephone or online banking service, you must add Superior Propane as a new payee. You will also need your new account number to complete this process. For more information, see "How to Make Payments".
  4. Sign up for mySUPERIORTM

    Track deliveries, view balances and more - online, anytime at mySUPERIOR.ca or from the mobile app. Sign up with an email address and your new Superior Propane account number which can be found on your delivery ticket.

How to Order Your Propane

Superior Propane truck making a delivery to a home on a tree-lined rural dirt road.

Automatic Delivery

If you are currently set up for Automatic Delivery, we will automatically schedule your deliveries. You can view your estimated delivery date from your dashboard in mySUPERIORTM. Use your new account number to sign up at mySUPERIOR.ca or by downloading the mobile app. We make your deliveries automatically, and typically when your tank levels are between 5% and 15%. Learn more about the delivery process.
Close up of man using mobile phone

Will Call Delivery

If you are currently set up for Will Call Delivery, place your order when your tank level reaches 30%. Order online through mySUPERIORTM at mySUPERIOR.ca or by downloading the mobile app. Use your new account number to sign up. With mySUPERIOR, you can order and track deliveries, make payments, and more. You may also place an order by filling out this form or by calling us at 1-87SUPERIOR (1-877-873-7467).

When can I expect my delivery?

An infographic explaining our delivery process when tank levels reach 30%, 20% and 15%.

This timeline may vary slightly as we work behind the scenes to procure your propane from our suppliers, unload it from our supply point, transport it to our storage facility, and then transfer it onto the truck before it makes its way to you.


Propane tanks are typically filled to a maximum of 70-80% to leave room for gas expansion.


How to Read your New Delivery Ticket / Invoice

Your new delivery ticket (shown below) is also your invoice. Pay for your propane from this ticket. It will be hand-delivered to you or left for you by your driver at the time of your fuel delivery. Take note of your new account number, which you can use when paying bills or inquiring about your account.

*Delivery ticket/invoice is for illustration purposes only. Taxes and fees may vary.


Superior gives you full visibility of the government fees associated with the delivery of your propane. We display the carbon fee as a separate line item on your delivery ticket, invoice, and/or statement. All fuel distributors collect the carbon fee on fuel sales, but some companies include it in the price for propane instead of displaying it separately. Click here to learn more about the Federal Fuel Charge in Ontario.


As a propane company, we are a proud supporter and contributor of clean energy in Canada. Because there are fewer carbon emissions from consuming propane versus other energies like oil, the total cost for carbon is less than what you would pay if you consumed those other fuels. Propane is a readily-available and affordable solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and can help meet the carbon reduction targets of all provinces.

How to Make Payments

Update your payment information today by following these simple steps.

Please pay for your bulk deliveries using one of the payment methods listed in the brochure above.

Payments Made Simple

Life’s busy. Take manually paying for your propane bill off your to-do list. Experience hassle-free payments by setting up automated credit card payments in your mySUPERIORTM account. Your payment is automatically processed, and if you need to refer to your bill, you can quickly view it from your mySUPERIORTM account too.

To register for your mySUPERIORTM account, you will need an email address and your new Superior Propane account number which you can find on your delivery ticket or invoice.

Closeup of a cell phone. It is displaying a customer's payment methods in the mySUPERIOR app.
Smiling customer support representative with hands-free headset working in the office

Customer Support 24/7

Call us at 1-800-810-9289 or 1-877-873-7467. In either case, you will be prompted to choose from the following services and our Customer Service team will be standing by to assist you:

  • Order Propane
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Billing and Payments
  • Account Updates (e.g. change of address, adding tank capacity, etc.)

Visit SuperiorPropane.com/customer-service or email us at CustomerService@SuperiorPropane.com.

"Very happy with the service. For a large company, Superior Propane has a small company feel with its great service."
"Very fast delivery, I love it! With the automatic payments going to my credit card and the delivery request that I make directly from my app, it's just perfect!"
"Excellent service. Timely delivery. I love the automatic delivery and propane tank sensor that ensures I never run out of propane. I highly recommend Superior Propane."
"Over the past 25 years, Superior has never let me down. Great service and friendly drivers. Wouldn't think of using anyone else."


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