Your Safety Matters

At Superior Propane, nothing is more important than safety.

Above all, we value the lives, health and property of our customers, employees and communities. That’s why we’ve created Guardian, a rigorous Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.


What is Guardian?

Guardian is a Health, Safety and Environmental Management System that establishes minimum acceptable standards for all Superior Propane operations.

Among other important functions, it ensures that all of our Superior employees are thoroughly trained in safety techniques and hold all necessary licences, our equipment is inspected regularly to ensure it’s always in good working condition and everything we do meets or exceeds provincial and national standards and regulations.

What Does Guardian Mean For Your Business?

Our unmatched commitment to Guardian means you have a partner you can depend on to keep your workplaces, job sites, employees and communities safe at all times.

We believe that by doing things right the first time we reduce risk in all its forms, allowing us to provide outstanding service to our customers. Our constantly evolving Guardian system helps us stay active and accountable to the health and safety of everyone.

For more information about Guardian, please email We’d be happy to answer questions or provide you with any resources.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)