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Maximize Space With Efficient Propane Supply

Our underground grid systems help you reduce your storage footprint by avoiding multiple storage systems. Our central storage and vapourizer systems minimize tank locations on the worksite. And you can count on an uninterrupted propane supply to all your gas appliances, including gas metres to track usage in each location.

How it works

An energy grid supplies propane gas through one common storage tank, underground piping and individual metre sets for existing and potential buildings in a common area not serviced by natural gas. The energy grid provides continuous gas supply directly into multiple buildings on an industrial work site, or large commercial or housing developments.


  • Centralized storage resulting in better use of available work site space
  • Uninterrupted propane supply to all gas-burning equipment onsite
  • Quicker energy set-up and start-up times
  • More timely propane delivery through supply into central storage container
  • Reduced reliance on electricity and diesel generator power
  • More flexible and customized pricing on larger supply contracts
  • More efficient and less frequent propane deliveries

Smart and efficient. It’s the Superior way.