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Power When and Where You Need It

We provide custom advice on innovative propane and dual-fuel engines that are emission-compliant for non-road use and rugged enough for the most remote locations. Enjoy lower overall fuel cost, reliable, robust power and more efficiency with fewer emissions.

When you need power, there’s a generator equal to the challenge in numerous sizes and shapes. The associated gas applications provide a combination of robust construction and innovative technology to deliver fuel and ensure power output and emissions for unmatched performance.

Benefits of bi­‐fuel systems

  • Substantial reduction in diesel consumption and saving in operational costs
  • Reduced particulate matter and NOX
  • Best-in-class ComAp engine protection
  • No de-rating of engine power output
  • Extended run times where limited diesel fuel storage possible
  • No internal modifications to the engine, completely stand-alone system

The power you need when and where you need it. Consider it done.