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Everything You Need For a Comfortable Campsite

We know it’s not just the mine that needs to be powered and heated. We provide custom solutions to make sure your campsite has the energy and the warmth it needs to keep your people comfortable.


We partner with multiple suppliers to offer end‐to‐end burner and air heating solutions ideal for generating volume of clean, hot air. Custom designed heating solutions are simple with long-lasting operation offering much lower CO emissions than other competitive air heating fuels.


We offer propane tank and cylinder rentals in all sizes. Tanks are typically positioned in one central location on your campsite, which allows propane to be fed to various locations.


Superior’s nationally powered, locally delivered buying power means you’ll always have a secure supply of propane on your campsite. Your crew will be comfortable, keeping them focused on the job at hand.

Tanks, propane and heating equipment for powerful, efficient heat at your campsite—wherever it’s located.