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Trust the Numbers

Diesel vs. Propane: Run the Numbers

Propane/Diesel Calculator:

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Totals Propane Diesel
Energy Requirement: 35,000 BTU 35,000 BTU
Total Volume required: 84,300 L 129,000 L
Total Fuel Cost: $345,000 $459,000
Energy Requirement:
Propane: 35,000 BTU
Diesel: 35,000 BTU
Total Volume required:
Propane: 84,300 L
Diesel: 84,300 L
Total Fuel Cost:
Propane: $345,000
Diesel: $459,000
Propane is less more than Diesel by $338,877.05 or equivalent to $13.56per per GJ
This is exclusive of any carbon tax, which is more significant for diesel vs propane. Lower emissions when using Propane vs Diesel.

When we begin work as your total industrial energy partner, it won't be our first time at the rodeo.

  • Cameco

    When it comes to mining, running short on propane is not an option. In 2001, Cameco was faced with selecting a propane partner that could deliver efficiency as well as propane. THE CHALLENGE With four...

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  • Capstone

    Ice bridge makes propane supply a delicate operation Superior Propane team overcomes the restrictions of an ice bridge to provide storage solutions and a steady propane supply to Capstone’s Minto mine. THE CHALLENGE Imagine a...

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  • Goldcorp

    A Superior Propane plan keeps Goldcorp’s remote Musselwhite Mine well supplied under challenging circumstances. Superior Propane has served the Musselwhite Mine since 1996. A top-notch team wasn’t about to let an ill-timed road closure and...

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  • We Work With Some of the Biggest Names in the Mining Business

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  • Our Partners Are as Dedicated To Excellence as We Are

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The Superior Commitment

We’ve been an energy partner to thousands of industrial projects big and small—from coast to coast—for more than 60 years.

  • Secure Propane Supply

    There’s nothing more important than a steady, secure supply of energy to a busy mine. Superior Propane’s nationally-powered, locally-delivered commitment ensures yours will never be...
  • Safety First

    At Superior Propane, we’re proud of our remarkable safety record. Why is it exceptional? Because we put safety first.   We’re safety-certified with numerous safety...
  • Knowledge of the Mining Sector

    We take our role as propane industry leaders very seriously. Part of that commitment means we’re always up-to-date on research, training, trends and new information...
Take a look at what comes standard with Superior Propane:
  • SMART Tank — Exclusive Propane Notifications

    Only Superior Propane’s SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) notification system helps you manage and forecast your fuel levels. Our accurate and customizable push notifications...
  • Customized Pricing Solutions

    Superior has several easy budget solutions like our Fixed Price Plan and our Equal Payment Plan that help take the guesswork out of forecasting your...
  • Proactive Maintenance Program

    Superior Propane offers a second-to-none maintenance program that ensures your equipment works reliably and at peak performance. We minimize lost revenue due to equipment downtime...
  • Tanks For Every Size Mine

    You never have to be concerned about propane capacity on-site at your mining project. Superior Propane offers propane tanks and cylinder rentals in every size...

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