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Standard Building Heat

Supplying propane for temporary heating of buildings

  1. Firm level base for vapourizer and tank – for installations at construction sites, a firm, level base should be prepared. This entails the removal of any ice or snow down to the consolidated earth on which will be placed a suitable base of non-combustible material.
  2. Support of piping above grade- piping should be supported, elevated and protected. Where piping passes in front of a doorway, the pipe should change direction and go either over the doorway or beneath grade.
  3. Information to mechanical contractors- where mechanical trades are involved in running the piping, such piping will be down-stream of the vapourizer, and the propane distributor shall ensure that the correct valves and equipment are obtained and used by the trade involved.
  4. Lead test – proper lead testing is to be carried out. All distributors are to emphasize this and ensure that their fitters are conversant with lead testing methods and procedures.
  5. Keep main risers out of stairwells.
  6. Valving- ensure sufficient valving is provided on the gas supply system. Also ensure all valves are approved for propane.