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Site Power Generation

Working under your direction, our sales and technical people take care of everything from system design to fuel supply. Here is a brief review of how we work with you:

Our role

  • After close consultation with the customer, we determine BTU requirements, as well as the number and type of heaters required for your project.
  • We develop a heating system design and install all propane equipment, including propane cylinders and/or tanks, vapourizers, regulators and valves.
  • Where necessary, we will obtain all installation permits, based on a plot plan you supply.
  • Where necessary, we will recommend approved protective devices for the safety of your propane installation.
  • If recommended heaters are out of supply, we will substitute equivalent heaters.

Your role

  • Since our equipment is in your care, any loss, theft, destruction or damage is your responsibility.
  • Since electrical power is required to activate certain types of heaters, it will be your responsibility to ensure an adequate supply of continuous power and to advise personnel on duty to report any failures.
  • To ensure uninterrupted propane supply, provide proper access to all storage equipment at all times.