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Expert Service, Installation

For almost 40 years, we have supplied construction heating for thousands of residential homes, townhouses, high-rise apartment building and office towers. As well, we have serviced some of the biggest projects in Canada, including the Moncton Blue Cross Building, the Montreal Expo, Mirabel Airport, the CN Tower, the Sky Dome, and the West Edmonton Mall. That is a track record no other propane company can match.

Servicing you from over 105 full service branches across Canada, our employees are dedicated to offering the best construction heating service in the business. They do it all at competitive prices—method planning, cost eliminating ad supply and installation of heating equipment.

Most important, only Superior Propane guarantees you service and fuel supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With our unmatched selection of quality construction heaters (150,000-2,000,000 BTU), cylinders and tanks, you can rent equipment that is sure to meet all your temporary heating needs.

Every Superior Propane heater, cylinder and tank is built to:

  1. Meet the rugged conditions of a construction site;
  2. Maintain reliable service in even the coldest weather conditions;
  3. Meet or exceed all federal and provincial safety codes. In fact, no company is more dedicated to safety than Superior Propane.