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Superior makes propane easy and worry-free with contactless automatic deliveries, SMART* Tank™ wireless monitoring and a self-serve mobile app. We deliver the fuel you need, your way, and with enhanced safety measures. Learn More

Superior Propane St-Romuald

Our St-Romuald team provides propane delivery services in your area and is committed to making managing your propane easier and more convenient.

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I'm New to Propane

Are you using another fuel like oil or electricity to heat your home or run other appliances? Clean, efficient propane makes sense for heating, hot water and everyday living. Choosing Superior makes managing your propane easy with benefits like online wireless tank monitoring and pricing options that work for you. Make the switch today.
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I'm Switching Propane Providers

Our reliable, and local service is the right choice for your home, and we’ll make it easy. Learn more about switching to Superior Propane today.
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I'm Already a Superior Customer

If you’re looking to manage your account, we’re ready to help. See your SMART* Tank level, request deliveries, pay bills or connect with a customer service team member.


Switching to Superior Propane is easier than you think. Your local team of experts is ready to help.
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Superior Propane St-Romuald is the right choice

Propane is versatile, safe and cost-effective. Propane is what we do. Our coast-to-coast delivery network ensures that you have a reliable energy supply for your home or business.

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Clean, efficient propane makes sense for heating, hot water and everyday living. Choose the reliable, convenient service from Superior and enjoy the comforts of an inviting home - made easy and worry-free.
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For safe, reliable propane, trust the experts at Superior to keep your business, site or fleet running smoothly and hassle-free. With Superior Propane, there is no down time.

Customer-focused digital solutions in St-Romuald

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mySUPERIOR™ puts your propane account at your fingertips. With mySUPERIOR, you can schedule a delivery, view SMART* Tank™ levels, make payments and more online. Connect to your propane services even faster with our mobile app, available on both Google Play and the App Store. 
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SMART* Tank™ Wireless Monitoring

Managing your propane supply has never been easier. Our remote tank monitoring technology called SMART* Tank™ ensures you always have the fuel you need. SMART* Tank™ detects when it’s almost time for an LPG refill and notifies Superior Propane to automatically schedule the propane delivery. You will also receive text or email notifications with up-to-date propane levels and can view readings, delivery details, and historic usage online at

The Right Propane Tank in St-Romuald

Find the perfect tank to suit your needs. Our team is here to help.

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The Perfect Tank

We help you determine the tank size that suits your needs, based on the appliances you are installing and expected propane usage. And with our exclusive SMART* Tank™ Monitoring System, you will always have a safe, secure and steady supply of fuel.


At Superior Propane, we make it fast and seamless to refill your propane tank. Automatic propane delivery lets you get on with your business without having to remember to check your propane. We know when it’s time for a fill and we’ll automatically schedule your delivery.


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Compared to other fuels like diesel or oil, propane offers more cost-effectiveness, with lower fuel costs and less maintenance for appliances. It also often means reduced carbon taxes and insurance premiums.

Superior Propane takes these advantages a step further by offering flexible propane pricing plans to fit your budget. Whether you're looking to lock in your propane costs or prefer a plan that adjusts with the market, , we offer plans that simplify budgeting.

Partnering with Superior Propane means more than just securing a supplier—it's about having a reliable energy manager. Our strong supply chain ensures consistent deliveries, and our advanced online tools make account management easy, so you can keep track of your propane supply effortlessly.

Superior Propane Delivery, Refill and Service Near You

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Superior Propane St-Romuald

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Whether you're seeking propane delivery, flexible pricing plans, or responsive customer support, Superior Propane is here for you. Contact us today for all your propane needs.
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