A Superior Propane plan keeps Goldcorp’s remote Musselwhite Mine well supplied under challenging circumstances.

Superior Propane has served the Musselwhite Mine since 1996. A top-notch team wasn’t about to let an ill-timed road closure and a shortage of propane storage stand in the way of constant fuel supply.


It was already the dead of winter in 2008 when Goldcorp got word that road access to their remote Musselwhite Mine would be cut off for several weeks. A cost-effective way to transport supplies, including the propane that powers the mine located 480 km north of Thunder Bay, ON, is by tanker truck.

With the cold weather already at full blast, propane consumption was at its peak. They had six weeks to come up with a solution that would keep them powered while roads were inaccessible.

Making matters more challenging, propane storage capacity at the mine had not grown at the same rate as the increased operations. Sufficient fuel supply is critical to the mine’s survival and running short could result in an abrupt and costly halt to the mine’s operations.


Goldcorp didn’t have a superhero on speed dial, but they had the next best thing: a great partnership with Superior Propane.

The Superior Propane team went into action immediately, developing an energy solution plan for the mine that included an estimate of the volume needed during the road closure, a storage plan for the additional stockpile on-site and an
efficient distribution network.

“It was a great example of teamwork,” said Rob Hicklin, Goldcorp’s supply chain coordinator. “The Superior Propane team was extremely helpful by meeting our needs and logistics to have sufficient propane safely stored on site for several weeks.”


According to Hicklin, partnering with Superior Propane fits with Goldcorp’s mandate to operate a safe, cost-efficient mine. Yet the relationship goes even further.

The kind of quick-thinking, fast-acting work the Superior Propane Mining Group did to anticipate the road closure is not unusual. Going above and beyond is what they do to help Goldcorp—and all of their clients—run efficient, costeffective

They’re known for going the extra mile by taking the initiative to do things like forecast future prices to be sure companies like Goldcorp get the best deal available.

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