Ensuring your safety during propane deliveries
and service work

June 1, 2020

The global pandemic and physical distancing orders have affected every part of our lives, and while we’ve had to make changes to the way we serve you, our drivers and technicians are still the friendly faces you have come to know.

As an essential service provider, we provide a dependable way to deliver propane to our customers in the midst of the most challenging times and critical events. This time is no different. So, here’s what you need to know about how we will continue to provide deliveries and service, and how you can help prepare for a safe visit: 

Continued Services

We know propane is essential for heating and powering your home or business. To help meet your needs while complying with government recommendations, we are continuing to provide essential services such as bulk and cylinder propane deliveries, emergency response, equipment repair, and tank and equipment installations. For essential service work that may require a technician or certified partner to be inside a dwelling or building, we will work with the customer to take necessary steps to ensure everyone is prepared for a safe visit. 

We are also conducting other services that can be fully completed outside a dwelling or building such as some inspections, equipment drops (heaters, cylinder cages, fencing, etc.), SMART* Tank™ wireless tank sensor installs, and tank pick-ups.

Other services that require work to be performed inside the dwelling or building may have restrictions, please contact our service team to learn more.

Safety Measures During Delivery 

For propane deliveries, drivers will observe all physical distancing protocols. For cylinder deliveries, we’re asking customers to follow recommended practices for safe exchanges, including cleaning cylinders and cages and wearing appropriate work gloves. Doing so will help avoid direct contact and reduce risk of exposure. Our staff will practice good hygiene by washing or sanitizing their hands before and after each delivery exchange or fill call, and will leave a copy of the delivery slip in the mail slot, drop box or cylinder cage.  

Safety Measures During Service Calls

We have introduced new safety measures for the protection and safety of our employees and customers. For critical and essential service appointments where a service technician or certified partner will be on site, we are taking proactive steps to pre-screen customers and will avoid close contact while on site. All technicians visiting customers will have completed stringent pre-screening and be cleared for duty.

For any inside work, our staff will use gloves, boot covers, safety glasses/goggles and a mask at all times; avoid contact with as many surfaces as possible; place barricades around the work area; and sanitize touch surfaces before and after work.

If you are preparing for a new Superior Propane tank or cylinder installation, we will provide you with a virtual tour of the safety features on your new container.

Until further notice, your signature will not be requested after service work is complete; instead, a photo of your work order will be emailed or texted to you immediately after the appointment. 

How to Prepare for Your Service Visit  

For any work requiring a technician or certified partner to be inside your home or business, please ensure access to the interior work area is clear and well lit, touch surfaces are sanitized and all interior doors leading to the area are open. 

The morning of your scheduled visit, your technician will call you to confirm that you have taken these steps and are prepared for a safe service visit. During the visit, remember to maintain at least 2 metres (6 feet) apart and avoid the work area by remaining in a separate room or location until the work is finished. If the technician has any questions, they will call or text you. 

Self-Serve Options    

The quickest and easiest way to schedule a delivery, check tank levels, make a payment or update your account is through mySUPERIORTM. Register for your account at mySUPERIOR.ca or download the app on your mobile device. You can also submit an online inquiry or email us at CustomerService@SuperiorPropane.com.

For ultimate convenience and to ensure you never run out of propane, consider adding a SMART Tank sensor and select our Automatic Delivery option. Your SMART Tank will detect when it’s almost time for a fill and notify us. We’ll automatically schedule a delivery and send you a notification when your tank has been filled. It’s that easy! If you’re on Will Call Delivery, monitor your tank level and contact us when the level reaches 30% to allow for enough time to schedule your next delivery.

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