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Switch to Superior this Winter for a Warm Winter Guaranteed

We can’t control what happens outside, but we guarantee your home stays toasty warm all winter long with propane heating. When you sign up for our exclusive SMART* Tank™ and auto delivery, we’ll guarantee that you won’t run out of propane. Ever. (If you do, we’ll give you 500 litres of free propane).

The Winter Bundle includes the following:

  • SMART* Tank™: Free Rental for a Year
  • Auto Delivery: Never worry about ordering propane again!
  • Fixed Price Plan: See What works best for you.
  • mySUPERIOR.ca: Take control of your account anytime anywhere


Here are four ways to save yourself time and money this winter—all while staying warm.



Upgrade to our state-of-the-art propane tank FREE for a year ($120 savings) and receive text or email notifications showing your tank level. Learn more...

Reason 5

Auto Delivery

Never worry about ordering propane again! With this program, propane is delivered automatically based on your known or estimated propane consumption. Learn more...


Fixed Price Plan

Protect yourself from unpredictable price spikes by locking into affordable propane rates. Learn more...



Our NEW online tool that puts you in charge. Your account information is at your fingertips 24/7. Learn more...

  • Superior Reliability

    Wherever your business operates in Canada, we're there. Our unmatched delivery network spans the country. And because we work where you do, we understand your weather and your roads. So you get your propane where you need it, when you need it, period.

  • Superior Expertise

    You can count on our experience. After 65 years dedicated to perfecting propane, no one understands it better, and our employees are eager and able to answer any questions you may have as quickly and accurately as possible.

  • Superior Simplicity

    We make your propane simple with straightforward pricing and innovations like our mySUPERIOR.ca online tool, exclusive SMART* TankTM system and more. All designed to give you unmatched convenience and control.

  • Superior Safety

    With us, your safety has no finish line. That's why we're constantly improving our safety programs by investing in our people, processes and equipment. You can take comfort knowing your safety is our top priority.

*Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology

No-Run-Out Guarantee applies to new primary home heat customers using a propane furnace or boiler. 1500 Litre annual consumption minimum, must have a SMART* Tank™ installed and be on an Automatic Delivery plan, with clear access to the tank and account in good standing. Fixed Price Plan may not be available in regulated markets.