Text Transcript with Description of Visuals

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♪ Friendly, upbeat music ♪

On-Screen Text: Superior Propane. My favourite thing about working at Superior Propane.

Danielle: To me, the best part of working at Superior Propane are the numerous opportunities for growth and to expand your career.

On-Screen Text: Danielle Lavigne, Customer Experience Supervisor.

Graham: Why do I love working for Superior Propane? Number one, safety. Number two, great customers. I love meeting my customers and number three, even on a bad day, who can't look at this, every day, almost?

Visual: Superior Propane truck, panning to lakeside view.

On-Screen Text: Graham Huxley, Service Technician III.

Nusrat: My favorite thing about working in Superior Propane is its diverse and inclusive culture. I've been working here for four years now, and I've always been able to bring my true and authentic self to work.

On-Screen Text: Nusrat Sharmin, Delivery Coordinator.

Albert: What I love about working at Superior, is the people. Their commitment to success, to continuous improvement, to taking care of our customers, to embracing technology, to working collaboratively and to always want to be better.

On-Screen Text: Albert Furtado, Regional General Manager (Prairie Region).

Dinie: What do I love about working for Superior Propane? The team! We have a group of individuals across the country whose common goal is to make sure that we provide the best possible experience for our customers. What a great thing to be part of.

On-Screen Text: Dinie Lane, Market Manager.

♪Same music as beginning ♪

On-Screen Text: Superior Propane. Interested in exploring a career with Superior Propane? Check out our current job openings at superiorpropane.com/careers or contact us at careers@superiorpropane.com to apply.