Whatever you need propane for, Superior can provide a tank size that suits your needs. Learn about our 420 lb. propane cylinders and their uses for your home or business.

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With a capacity of up to 372 L of propane per cylinder and our most compact permanently installed tank option, these cylinders are a go-to choice for properties with spatial limitations. While versatile for a myriad of uses ranging from water heaters, fireplaces, and other appliances to home heat, these cylinders are especially recommended when larger tanks are not feasible due to space constraints. 

420 lb. cylinders are often manifolded together, up to four in total, with the most typical amount being two or three cylinders. When two or less are used, these cylinders can be used to power back up generators, heat specific areas or power specific appliances. 

If more fuel is needed, but there is no space for a 500 gallon tank or larger, up to four 420 lb. cylinders can heat and power entire homes or businesses and multiple appliances, the same way a larger tank would. Tall and round, these propane cylinders can be easily installed right against a building wall.
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When a SMART* Tank™ sensor is added to one 420 lb. cylinder, it monitors the combined propane levels for all manifolded cylinders. The propane level can be viewed and tracked online through the mySUPERIOR™ app or website portal. It's designed to provide a reading for the entire connected setup, not just the individual tank with the sensor.

For example, if the tank monitoring system shows a propane level of 30%, this reflects the combined volume of all manifolded tanks, ensuring you always have a reliable and accurate understanding of your total propane supply. This integrated approach to monitoring ensures efficient fuel management and timely refills, providing peace of mind and convenience.


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PROPANE Energy Solutions: 
420 lb. Propane Cylinder Applications

Designed for flexibility, this cylinder size adapts to your unique spatial limitations and energy demands. Whether used on its own or in tandem with up to 4 units — the possibilities are nearly endless. Let's look at some of the most practical and popular uses for these cylinders.

heating homes or businesses

A single 420 lb. is typically used for space heating for difficult-to-reach spaces, such as garages, guest houses and workshops. Manifolded 420s are typically used for central heating for a whole home. Four cylinders are able to store almost 1,500 litres of propane total.
Family enjoying wintertime indoors.
propane stove

powering appliances

Perfect for propane stoves, water heaters, pool heaters, propane fireplaces, and more, this compact tank size is ideal to power any appliance. Propane appliances require less maintenance than those running on other fuels, ensuring reliable and cost-effective performance.

back up and power generation

A propane-fueled backup generator protects you when the power goes out. It gives you all the power of gasoline or diesel, with less emissions, less maintenance, and no risk of a spill. Whether you need a portable or permanent solution, propane offers a dependable backup power generation system.
propane back up power generator
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wireless tank monitoring

Superior Propane's SMART* Tank™ system gives you the power to monitor your propane levels in real-time. Stay informed and ensure you never run out of propane, giving you control and peace of mind.
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Automatic Deliveries

Receive a continuous propane supply without lifting a finger. With Auto Delivery, we know when it’s time for a propane refill and we’ll automatically schedule your delivery. On Automatic Delivery, you could be eligible for our No-Run-Out-Guarantee for homes.
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propane ON THE GO

With mySUPERIOR™ app or web portal, you can manage your propane account effortlessly. Schedule deliveries, view tank levels, and make payments online or via our mobile app.
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flexible pricing plans

At Superior Propane, we understand that budgeting is important. That's why we offer flexible pricing plans, including fixed and variable options. Plus, our convenient payment methods make managing your propane easier than ever.
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propane cylinder safety and prevention

Cylinder Installation: Always have your propane tank installed by a certified technician to ensure it meets local and provincial regulations, and are properly set up to ensure safety and proper performance.

Cylinder Storage: Keep the cylinder surroundings clear of debris and clutter, maintain proper clearance from buildings, and ensure the cylinder remains accessible for easy deliveries, check-ups and maintenance. Never attempt to relocate the cylinder from where the technician placed it during the installation. 

Safe Propane Levels: Keep an adequate level of propane in your propane tank to avoid rust build-up and prevent the settling of ethyl mercaptan, the odorant added to propane to help with leak detection since propane on its own is odourless.

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the superior advantage


Your propane, stress-free. We take the worry out of ordering propane with SMART* Tank enabled auto delivery. Plus, you’ll love the ease and convenience of mySUPERIOR.ca – your website for checking tank levels and managing your account anywhere, anytime.


We’ve been fueling homes and businesses across Canada since 1951. Our employees understand propane and you can count on our experience. Take comfort knowing you're in good hands.


You can always depend on us. Enjoy the comforts of your home knowing Superior will make sure you have propane when you need it. Our drivers and technicians keep Canadians warm in more than 10,000 communities, coast to coast.


Switching to Superior Propane is easier than you think. Your local team of experts is ready to help.
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