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SMART Tank — Exclusive Propane Notifications

Only Superior Propane’s SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) notification system helps you manage and forecast your fuel levels. Our accurate and customizable push notifications are sent to you by email or text, offering greater control when your business demands change.

SMART Tanks are the logical solution to eliminate the need to manually check every propane tank on a vast worksite. All of your tanks can be monitored remotely; text and email notifications with to-the-minute levels are sent out daily.

Mining partners who use SMART tanks enjoy:

  • Cost savings with fewer deliveries
  • Greater control over fuel costs
  • Continuous and optimal fuel levels, even during increased usage
  • No-cost tank sensor installation and maintenance
  • Advanced Shipment Notification of your next propane delivery
  • Peace of mind that your business will always have secure and steady supply of fuel to operate

Now that’s a SMART advantage.