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Discover How to Easily Switch from Oil
to Propane in 5 Steps

It's time to make the switch to lower heating bills and a more comfortable home. Based on your location, we will recommend one of our Certified HVAC Partners to support the end-to-end process of converting your oil tank and furnace to propane in just 5 easy steps.

  1. Site Visit & Estimate

    It all begins with a site visit. A Superior Propane Certified Partner will review your current heating system and your heating needs, provide you information on the benefits of propane, such as its higher efficiency compared to other fuels and its environmentally friendly nature with lower carbon emissions. They will also determine what furnace and hot water tank is right for your needs. Learn more about propane tank sizes.
  2. Oil Tank Removal

    Once you have signed off on the estimate, the work begins. Our skilled Partners begin the transition. The removal of the oil, tank, and old equipment is executed with utmost care, ensuring safety and adhering to environmental standards. This sets the stage for your new propane system, which is not only better for your pockets but also more energy efficient.
  3. Propane Tank and equipment Installation

    A new energy-efficient furnace or boiler is installed and seamlessly integrating it with your existing ductwork and electrical setup. Our certified partners also run gas lines to other appliances in your home that will use propane, like your water heater or kitchen appliances, ensuring everything is connected and runs smoothly. The best part? You don’t have to worry about the details like contacting utility services or permits. Our certified partners manage all that, making the installation process worry-free. 
  4. Propane Tank Connection

    After installing your new furnace or boiler, we set up the propane tank. Our team ensures it's securely connected to your home's propane line. We thoroughly inspect the connection for safety and efficiency. Once everything checks out, your furnace and any connected appliances are all set for use. And you don't have to worry about arranging your first propane fill – we've got that covered too. Learn more about hassle-free propane deliveries.
  5. Connect to mySUPERIOR

    With your heating system now upgraded to a modern, efficient, and greener option, it's time to experience the cost savings and superior comfort of propane. Enhance your experience with the mySUPERIORTM app. This handy tool lets you effortlessly monitor your tank's fuel level, manage payments, and access many other convenient features. Just download the mySUPERIORTM mobile app or sign up online at to get started.


Home heating oil has been a conventional choice for many households. While it does provide heat, it comes with high market price volatility, substantial maintenance requirements, and potential environmental risks.

On the other hand, propane, stored securely in a tank and used when needed, presents a more cost-effective, convenient, and efficient alternative. With a consistent and often lower cost than home heating oil, less demanding maintenance needs, and superior system performance, propane offers more than just heating—it provides peace of mind. And as a bonus, it's also a cleaner-burning fuel that's better for the environment.




Fuel Cost

Propane heating can reduce fuel costs significantly compared to oil heating

Historically, the prices of heating oil tend to be higher and more unstable

Safety & Risk Management

In the event of a release, propane dissipates without risk of spills and contamination

Oil spills and leaks can be environmentally damaging and costly to clean up


Propane emits fewer greenhouse gases, contributing to a healthier environment

Oil produces more carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to air pollution

Equipment Performance

Propane burns clean, extending the lifespan of your heating equipment and reducing maintenance requirements and costs.

Oil-fueled systems can be prone to buildup, requiring more frequent cleaning and maintenance

Availability & Storage

Propane is readily available and our automatic delivery ensures you never run out. Plus, it doesn't degrade over time making it safe for long-term storage

Oils can degrade over time, affecting the performance of your heating equipment

Home Insurance Premiums Converting from oil to propane may lead to savings on your home insurance premiums Oil heat can potentially lead to higher home insurance premiums due to potential risks of spills and contamination
 Carbon Tax Savings By switching to propane, you can save on carbon taxes as it's a lower-emission fuel With oil, you're likely to pay higher carbon taxes due to its higher emissions
 Convenience With Superior's automatic delivery and online access to your propane account with mySUPERIOR™, managing your propane is effortless With oil, you'll need to constantly monitor your levels and place orders, adding another task to your to-do list
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