Superior 10-Year Propane Inspection Program

Superior Propane's Inspection Program ensures total compliance of all your propane equipment with Ontario regulatory requirements. Every 10 years, a licensed technician will inspect everything from your propane tank to your appliances. Take comfort in our commitment to safety.

What Happens During a Propane Tank Inspection?

  1. We Contact You

    Before your 10-year service date comes due, a Superior Propane Inspection Coordinator will contact you to schedule an inspection day and time that works for you and avoids any service interruptions.
  2. We Visit You

    A licensed technician from Superior Propane or one of our Certified Partners completes each inspection. They will ensure the safety and compliance of all propane system components, both inside and outside your home.
  3. We Share The Results

    We review the results of the inspection with you and include next steps if there are any deficiencies that need to be addressed. Most repairs are the responsibility of the customer and are required to be performed within 90 days to ensure there is no service or delivery interruption. If there is a need for immediate repair, the technician will turn the appliance off for your safety, and it must be fixed before using it again. If the affected component is Superior’s responsibility, we will arrange for repairs.

Inspection FAQ

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