Why Propane Is The Right Choice For Your Restaurant Equipment 


When you’re running a restaurant, you wear many hats. You need a dependable, effective and cost-efficient fuel for your business. 

Propane meets all of these requirements and more, making it an excellent choice for any commercial food service operation, including dine-in restaurants, fast food operations, food trucks, festival booths and catering services. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Restaurant Equipment

In a commercial kitchen, speed and efficiency are critical. Propane appliances – grills, ranges, cooktops and ovens – provide instant flame and heat, optimizing a kitchen’s speed to serve when compared with electric-powered kitchens, where time is wasted waiting for burners to heat up. That’s welcome news when you have a dining room full of hungry customers. 

For anyone who prepares food, precision is another important factor. Whether you’re searing or gently simmering, propane-powered appliances offer precise heat, allowing you to achieve the exact cooking temperature you need in a very short time. It can make the difference between a perfect omelette and a disappointing one. Propane stoves also offer a more even heat distribution than electric appliances, which helps ensure a better finished product.

And, there’s a wide range of other restaurant equipment that can run on propane, such as buffets and warmers, broilers, fryers and rice cookers, as well as other types of appliances like refrigeration units, water heaters and furnaces. 

A propane-powered commercial kitchen can improve your team’s overall performance and make it easy for them to produce the highest-quality meals for your customers.  

Propane is a Cost-Effective Solution 

Using propane in your commercial kitchen will save you money. Not only is propane less expensive than gas or electricity in many parts of Canada, but because a propane flame heats 30% faster than an electrical element, it is more efficient and you end up spending less on fuel over time. 

Consider the impact of connection costs as well.  For restaurants in rural or less developed areas, it can be expensive to connect to the natural gas grid. For businesses located far from the main line, the cost can run as high as $50,000 or more to connect. In some areas, natural gas is not available at all. 

With propane, you’re not hooked up to a pipeline; instead you have your own tank installed on-site and your fuel is delivered to you. This has a number of advantages. It means propane can be delivered to virtually any location. It also means you can place propane appliances almost anywhere inside your restaurant, without having to worry about where the community gas connection line is. And, you can schedule propane deliveries to your business based on your usage, so you’re sure to keep your kitchen running uninterrupted 

Never Lose Power

Unpredictable weather and unreliable power grids pose the risk of an electrical power failure. Without refrigeration, a lengthy power disruption means you’re looking at possible food spoilage. That’s costly to your business — and a health risk you simply can’t afford to take. 

A propane-powered kitchen can help keep your business running. When combined with a propane-powered backup generator, almost every aspect of your business can continue uninterrupted in a power outage.   

Beyond Cooking

Propane also lends itself well to outdoor applications that will welcome and delight your guests. Propane-fueled patio heaters, fire pits, lighting and decorative flames are just some of the possibilities for creating an inviting outdoor area your guests will enjoy. 

And, if you run a food truck or a catering service, propane is ideal, providing a portable source of fuel for on-the-go food prep. You can even convert your vehicle to run on propane instead of gas or diesel. 

Choose Propane For Your Commercial Kitchen

There are so many reasons why you should consider going with propane if you’re just setting up your restaurant or food service business or are in the market for new appliances. 

Propane is a great fuel to cook with, offering safe, even heat that’s reliable and always available — even in the most remote locations, in a mobile kitchen, or when the electricity goes out. It’s also a cost-effective and eco-friendly fuel that can be used to power your cooking and refrigeration appliances and everything else your business runs. 

Learn more about the benefits of using propane in your restaurant or food service business.


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