Propane Backup Generators for Home or Small Business

A backup generator protects your home or business when the electricity goes out. Several different styles of generator are available, and propane offers lower fuel costs. Propane also burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel, which results in less engine wear and lower maintenance costs.

Portable Generators:

  • Less expensive to purchase
  • Remove from storage and hook up when a power outage occurs
  • Install a manual transfer switch to deliver power to your home’s electrical panel when you need it
  • Use portable propane cylinders
  • Keep the most important items running in a power outage

Backup Power:

  • More expensive to purchase and install
  • Permanently installed outside
  • Wired directly to your home’s electrical system with automatic operation
  • Use your bulk propane tank or a separate bulk propane tank
  • Power your entire home or only the essentials – it’s up to you

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Superior Propane does not sell or install generators. We may be able to refer you to a Superior Propane Certified Partner in your area, or you can contact a local electrical contractor.

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