Propane for Power Generation

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Safe, cost effective and environmentally friendly power generation

When you use propane for power, you realize immediate fuel savings while reducing your carbon footprint, extending the life span of your equipment and improving your safety performance.

Lower your fuel costs today

Run the numbers and see how much you can save.

Calculate Your Savings
Calculate Your Savings

Using propane only

Diesel generator using propane

Propane vs Diesel Calculator

Enter your total energy requirement

Enter your fuel prices

You could
potentially save up to
$17.58 on your energy requirement
That's a
saving of
$7.07 Per GJ
Based on the information you have provided, switching to propane could cost you more for your current power generation needs.
  • This is exclusive of any carbon tax, which is more significant for diesel vs. propane.
  • Emissions are lower when using propane vs. diesel.
Estimate Your Potential Savings

What is your current set-up?


How long does your operation run?


Enter your local fuel prices

  • Without Bi-fuel
  • With Bi-fuel
Return on Capital


  • Operating Days
  • Operating Months
  • Calendar Years


  • A bi-fuel kit cost of $15,000 is used for engines below 200 kW and $60,000 for engines 200 kW and above. Costs include equipment and installation.
  • % Average Substitution Rate
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Propane solutions custom fit to your power generation needs

Whether your power generation needs are temporary or long-term, local or remote - Superior Propane offers expertise on custom designed power solutions that meet off-grid energy demands in even the most remote locations across Canada.

Ideal for:

Temporary Power

  • Construction Sites
  • Agriculture
  • Utilities
  • Forestry

Backup Power

  • Essential Service
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality

Remote Power

  • Oil Exploration
  • Communities
  • Mining
  • Aquaculture

Switch from diesel to propane

Propane delivers the power you need without the risk and maintenance requirements that come with using diesel generators. By switching to propane for power generation, Superior Propane customers have saved more than 30% on fuel costs alone. Reduced carbon emissions, better performance and a longer engine life are just some of the other benefits that make propane systems the smart choice.

Optimize diesel engine performance with propane

Get the most from your diesel engine with a propane bi-fuel system. Start seeing immediate costs savings when you integrate propane into your current diesel system. Our new bi-fuel propane-powered solution integrates with any diesel system, displacing up to 40% of the diesel with low cost, low emission propane.