Propane for Bi-fuel Power

Get the most from your diesel engine - convert to a dual fuel power system

Substituting diesel fuel with low cost, low emission propane enables engines to run on a diesel/propane mix that substantially reduces your operating costs and maintenance requirements. Dual fuel or bi-fuel engines operate at a lower temperature and require less fuel per load, resulting in less maintenance and longer engine life. Engines converted to bi-fuel with propane replace up to 40% of diesel fuel requirements without engine interruption.

How it works

Superior Propane partners with leading technology partners to deliver retrofit solutions for diesel equipment that achieve maximum fuel savings and engine performance. Retrofit kits are customizable, quickly installed, and designed to automatically substitute diesel with propane for optimal performance without any wear and tear to the engine.

The facts

  • No engine modifications required
  • No compromise to performance
  • Low cost to implement and quick payback period
  • Quick and easy to retrofit
  • Lower operating costs
  • Extended run-time of backup generators

Lower your fuel costs today

Run the numbers and see how much you can save.

Calculate Your Savings
Calculate Your Savings

Using propane only

Diesel generator using propane

Propane vs Diesel Calculator

Enter your total energy requirement

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You could
potentially save up to
$17.58 on your energy requirement
That's a
saving of
$7.07 Per GJ
Based on the information you have provided, switching to propane could cost you more for your current power generation needs.
  • This is exclusive of any carbon tax, which is more significant for diesel vs. propane.
  • Emissions are lower when using propane vs. diesel.
Estimate Your Potential Savings

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Return on Capital


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  • A bi-fuel kit cost of $15,000 is used for engines below 200 kW and $60,000 for engines 200 kW and above. Costs include equipment and installation.
  • % Average Substitution Rate
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Three ways to achieve cost savings with a bi-fuel system from Superior Propane


Propane is considerably less expensive than diesel resulting in immediate cost savings.


Under higher heat loads, the engine uses less fuel to reduce your operating costs from day one.


Propane burns clean for less wear and tear on your engine, longer service intervals and longer engine life overall.

Did you know? With propane:

  • You'll lower your fuel costs
  • There is no risk of contamination
  • Fuel spill concerns are eliminated
  • Your equipment will perform at optimal levels longer