Whether you need commercial heat or power, propane is the reliable energy choice for manufacturing, warehousing and healthcare facilities, hospitality, construction, and more. It’s a clean, efficient, and readily available energy that is typically less expensive than other fuels. At Superior, we deliver propane with reliable, safe and expert service that keeps facilities and business running smoothly and hassle-free.

Power Generation

Power outages can cause major disruption to operations and cost thousands in damaged equipment, material losses and lost revenue. Minimize risk with propane for reliable standby power.

For off-grid remote communities and industries, using 100% propane for prime power results in lower fuel costs, better environmental performance and uncompromised engine performance.

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Commercial Heat

For large-scale heating applications where engines run continuously, using propane can reduce operating costs and environmental impact. It is the ideal energy solution for space heating, water heating, drying, and manufacturing and processing applications. Lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Reduce energy costs and dependence on the power grid with a combined heat and power (CHP) system powered with propane. A CHP system burns propane to generate electricity. The waste heat created by electricity generation is captured and converted into energy, which can be used to heat water or building space, saving energy costs and reducing dependence on external sources. A CHP system is ideal for buildings of all types requiring both heat and power, from multi-dwelling residences and greenhouses to hospitals and large commercial structures.

Protect your operations against downtime with heat and power energy solutions from Superior Propane.

Superior Propane is the reliable choice for propane that keeps facilities and businesses operating:

Building Heat

Concrete Curing


Asphalt Heaters

Water Treatment


Tankless Water Heaters

Storage Water Tank Heaters



Pool & Spa Heaters

Outdoor Lighting

Prime Power

Stand by Power

Drying Applications

Cooking Applications

Baking Applications