Superior Propane President Takes the Stage at the Global Energy Show, Urges Companies to Act Now with Available Low-Carbon Fuels

CAMBRIDGE, ON – (June 12th, 2023) – Superior Propane, Canada’s leading propane distributor, is excited to announce that President Rick Carron will be participating in a fireside chat at the renowned Global Energy Show in Calgary, AB. The fireside chat will explore the critical topic of achieving net-zero targets by incorporating low-carbon energy alternatives such as propane and other low carbon fuels into corporate strategies.

The Global Energy Show brings together experts, thought leaders, and key stakeholders from around the world to discuss the latest advancements, trends and challenges in the energy sector. During the fireside chat, Carron will delve into the importance of bridge-fuels and the strategies that companies can adopt to successfully integrate low-carbon energy alternatives into their operations. “I’m looking forward to sharing insights on one of the most pressing issues facing businesses today - transitioning towards a more sustainable future,” says Superior Propane President Rick Carron. 

Superior Propane emphasizes the need for a dial approach in energy transformation, where companies progressively dial up their environmental performance rather than flip a switch. "Transitioning to a net-zero carbon future requires time, resources, infrastructure, and strategic investments," Carron continued. "By progressively replacing carbon-intensive fuels with cleaner alternatives like propane and hydrogen, we can achieve a balanced and sustainable energy portfolio that contributes to a greener planet and meet longer-term sustainability targets."

"We are excited to host this fireside chat with Superior Propane’s Rick Carron as part of the Global Energy Show," said Shannon Watt, CEO of the Canadian Propane Association." As the association representing the propane industry in Canada, we recognize the importance of engaging in discussions and sharing insights to drive positive change. We believe that by leveraging low-carbon energy alternatives, our members can play a vital role in mitigating climate change and securing a sustainable future."

Propane plays a key role in the energy transition because it’s one of the cleanest fuels to lower our carbon footprint without the need for expensive infrastructure. Propane is a readily-available, versatile and affordable solution for Canadians today, even in the most remote communities. Propane’s storage and safety characteristics make it an attractive choice for companies looking for a cleaner alternative.  

The fireside chat featuring Rick Carron takes place on June 14 at 2:20pm at the BMO center, Stampede Park, Calgary. Attendees will gain valuable insights on how to leverage propane to displace carbon-intensive fuels such as diesel in various applications and the advantages of taking a measured dial approach instead of flipping the switch.

About Superior Propane

Superior Propane is Canada's largest provider of propane and related equipment and services with approximately 200 service and distribution points to efficiently serve residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers in over 10,000 communities. In business since 1951, Superior Propane employs approximately 1,500 Canadians and delivers over 1.2 billion litres of propane annually. Superior Propane is headquartered in Cambridge, ON and is the Canadian propane distribution business of Superior Plus Corp.

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